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Tacky? Just had to double-check


Re: Tacky? Just had to double-check

  • Well said, Mags! I completely agree with you!
  • Maybe Paypal or other donation sites are just the new trend coming in. Maybe it's just a new way to give to a celebration like getting married. It's the 21st century and lots of people already have a house and live together, so there's really no need for traditional gift registries for some people. (Some people do go overboard with gift registries for every single event: engagement, wedding, baby, housewarming, graduation, birthday, just because, etc...)

    Personally, I think it's not a bad thing to ask for donations. Many families already do this. For example, instead of the bride's parents paying for everything, each family member donates by paying for something for the wedding (aunt pays for the limo, uncles pay for food and beer, cousins pay for photography, sister or friends pay for and/or make flowers, someone else pays for or makes the cake...). Sometimes, the bride's entire extended family takes up a collection and pools their money together to start the couple on their way. My cousin's mom's family just happened to be incredibly talented and donated their services or called in favors (made cakes, did the catering, did the photography, made the entire wedding party's dresses, set up locations and hotels, everything). Other people don't need things for their married life and choose to ask for donations to their favorite charity to help others. 

    By the way, I hope your friend doesn't read your question... it's kind of rude to say behind her back that her idea is tacky. Maybe she doesn't like something you did for your wedding, but was a nice friend and did not tell you that or talk to people about it behind your back. 
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