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Macy's Dream Fund?

My FI and I finally got ourselves in gear, and started our Macy's registry today! Yay! While we were setting it up the registry consultant explained the Macy's Dream Fund to us. From what I understood, this is a sort of store gift card that a couple registers for, and wedding guests can put money on it for them, instead of buying a physical gift from the store or giving cash/check/gift card in a card. My FI thinks this is a fantastic idea, but I'm more than a little wary.

To me, this seems very much like asking for cash outright, which is definitely tacky. I've always felt awkward about doing that, and learned it hands down from lurking here. I'd love to hear other opinions on it, as well. I've been the one in charge of making sure our wedding follows ettiquete, because he's all for a honeymoon registry and a wedding party only head table and such things. I don't want to be rude to our guests. Thus far I've been able to convince him on our other disagreements, but he seems to think that since the consultant suggested it, it would be alright. I'm not buying that, although she didn't tell me to put the inserts into our wedding invitations, so she was doing quite well.

Anyway. My instincts are telling me no Dream Fund, but I'd love to hear other people's oppinions!

ETA: My phone decided that instead should be autocorrected to undress. Cool, phone. Fixed.
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Re: Macy's Dream Fund?

  • I have a Macy's registry, and I'm not sure what this is.  Maybe it's something new?  Fact is, you don't have to register for gift cards.  If you registered at Macy's you can almost guarantee that you will receive gift cards there whether you actively ask for them or not. 

    I think your instinct is right.  Tell you FI that it might come off as rude, and it's actually sort of pointless since you'll probably get them anyway.
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  • Our consultant told us it was a new sort of trial basis thing. I guess we're supposed to be the guinea pigs.
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  • Yeah.... I wouldn't let them make you the guinea pigs for a registry experiment.  Honestly, registries are one of those things that people judge a lot, mostly because it involves your guests choosing how to spend their money on a gift for you, and there's no need to shake things up with that.
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  • I registered at Macys & I just got an email about this. I really wasnt even clear about what it really was, because they didnt explain it very well in the email. Im glad you posted this! Based off what you say OP, I dont think doing this is a good idea. I agree with you that it is just like asking for cash, which we all know is rude.

    If this really is a trial thing, I dont think its going to go well.
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  • I feel like it will go well, based on the number of people who make honeymoon registries and ask on here how to register for cash/gift cards. Boo. But at this point I'm definitely thinking I'll make this another point that I'll have to convince FI on. No Dream Fund!
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    I don't know if she went into further detail to explain, but based on what you're saying, it sort of sounds like another word for gift card. Maybe at the end, they total up your "dream fund" and you can use that to purchase what's left on the registry. Let me say, I'm totally guessing because I've never heard this. However, it sounds like another PC way to ask guests to give you cash or gift cards. I'd stay away from this. Tacky, no matter how its worded. As a side note, I haven't had a shower or wedding yet, but based on my sisters and girlfriends experiences (and common sense), if you register at X, people will know you also welcome gift cards from X.
  • Thanks ladies! I was pretty sure it was tacky, and I'm glad you all agreed. I know we'll get cash and gift cards regardless, and this definitely isn't necessary. Now to convince the FI...
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  • The registry consultant at Macy's also tried to sell my FI and I on this when we registered.  It sounded no different and equally as tacky/ rude as a honeymoon fund.  Luckily my FI agreed and we both declined.
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  • It's not tacky or rude. If someone goes to Macys to buy you a gift card they can just add the money to the fund. This was included in my registry also. It's just something new there trying out.
  • We registered at Macy's last weekend and they put it on our registry. We kept it on there but made sure there was no special callout toward it. It's just a barcode on your registry sheet along with all the other items.
  • My consultant explained it as a way for guests to contribute to a higher end item, like linens or china. The more I see it, the more I see it as no different from cash. I really through that it was a way for guests to put $50 towards our linens if they didn't want to buy a whole set. I'm pretty disappointed actually....

  • The consultant my FH and I worked with explained how it's a way for your family and friends to go in on a higher end item, like a Dyson vacuum. I really don't see how this is rude. It's no different than if a bunch of your college friends pooled together all of their money and went out and bought a flat screen TV for you at Best Buy :-p
  • Our consultant talked to us about this last weekend too.  It's basically a place for all your gift cards in one...

    -All gift cards in one place

    -Sales people are being trained to ask if a gift card purchase is for a wedding registry and if so to look to see if a dream fund is being set up.  You don't have to announce this to your guests, Macy's should find your dream fund for them when guests come to buy gift cards.

    -It will tell you money is added but consultant wasn't clear if it would tell you amount was added.  Only way she thought to verify is if gift gaver included their reciept for you (not cool)  The store can look up a balance, but if three people adding money to the dream fund on the same day she wasn't sure if they could distinguish who added what.

    -We were given our gift card right away, consultant said it's not the easiest thing to replace so keep good track of your gift card. 

  • We went to register and are in desperate need of a new mattress. We thought we would be able to put this on the registry and if people wanted to contribute toward it, it would be less we would have to pay. We were told that we could not register for the mattress. That it was too big of an item for a registry. The consultant then explained the dream fund. I was disappointed, because I don't want it to look like we are outright asking for cash, but she changed the verbiage on the registry to read: Dream FundB G would love to get a new mattress. We went with it. The consultant also explained that guests may want to spend 100 but can only find something for 80. They can put the extra 20 toward your dream fund.
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