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Global Lifestyles Award Center--is this a scam?

Last Friday I received a phone message from the Global Lifestyles Award Center saying I'd been picked from a national drawing to receive a bridal package and vacation.  I don't recall ever entering any drawing, and when I called them back they couldn't tell me where they received my information.  The woman I spoke with then apologized, saying "they were just in the Kentucky area giving out prizes and and have already left" but because I was contacted so late they would put my prizes on hold and contact me next time they were in the area.  Here's where it gets really weird--I don't live in Kentucky.  I did, however, arrive in Kentucky just last night (I travel for work) and called this morning--from my Montana cell phone. 

This sounds like a big scam to me and I just wanted to know if anybody else out there has also been contacted by this "organization."


Re: Global Lifestyles Award Center--is this a scam?

  • Certainly sounds like a scam. Did you attend any bridal shows recently and use your real contact information, or did you sign up for anything on the David's Bridal or Men's Wearhouse websites?
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  • I haven't been to any bridal shows and I never release my phone number on any of these wedding websites.  I did register at David's Bridal though....

  • I always operate under that assumption that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.  I wouldn't return any calls, open any websites, etc.  Ignore this~I'd bet my next month's salary that it's a high pressure sales pitch for something.
    "Trix, it's what they/our parents wanted. Why so judgemental? And why is your wedding date over a year and a half ago? And why do you not have a groom's name? And why have you posted over 12,000 posts? And why do you always say mean things to brides?" palegirl146
  • I received the same call yesterday. They told me they got my info from and when i signed up we were automaticly enterd.  I am supposed to go meet with them in our town tonight. They said that there is "no purchase necessary" we just have to sit for an hour presentation but my fiance and I are skeptical. I cant find any information on if it truly a scam though I have been goggling all morning. Half of me is curious to go, cause if they start pressuring us for money we can always leave.  I did however find their website...............if it helps. 
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    Last Friday I received a phone message from the Global Lifestyles Award Center saying I'd been picked from a national drawing to receive a bridal package and vacation.  I don't recall ever entering any drawing, and when I called them back they couldn't tell me where they received my information.  The woman I spoke with then apologized, saying "they were just in the Kentucky area giving out prizes and and have already left" but because I was contacted so late they would put my prizes on hold and contact me next time they were in the area.  Here's where it gets really weird--I don't live in Kentucky.  I did, however, arrive in Kentucky just last night (I travel for work) and called this morning--from my Montana cell phone.  This sounds like a big scam to me and I just wanted to know if anybody else out there has also been contacted by this "organization." Thanks!
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    I actually had this happen before I was engaged.  I got a call saying I had won a trip for four to Disney World, but the kicker was that I had to pay a $400 registration fee that day on that phone call or they would "draw for another winner."  I asked the guy for a web site, I asked him if I could call back after talking to my boyfriend, so on and so forth.  I finally said, "Look, I don't think I won anything," and hung up.  

  • hahaha... i got a call on Tuesday from these people saying I won a drawing also.. i didnt listen to my voicemail until today, and when I called back they couldn't find the person that called me.  so they asked me if I knew the extension, etc.. I said, "she didnt leave me an extension."... all i heard was dead silence.. and she put me on hold.. then she started asking me for my phone number, etc.  I told her, "you guys called me, you should have that information."  again, dead silence, and she says, please hold while i get your file.  I decided to hang up at this point.. didnt want to get caught up in the bologna.

    anyhow, i'd be weary of picking up a call from some number you're not sure of and err on the side of caution!

    hope you don't get anymore calls... i just got two from them while writing this email.

    be safe fellow brides!!!
  • I just got this phone call!  I missed the call the first time and the woman left a speedy message with an extension, but of course I accidentally erased it before I could write it down.  I figured it was probably a scam, but I called the number back from my caller ID and got a person who was able to pull up my information by asking my name and my state.  I asked her how she got my information and she said it was probably from TheKnot.  They are only in my area tomorrow and Tuesday, and my fiancee and I are not there right now (we are away in school).  I could be home by then but my fiancee works, and she said we both have to be there.  I'm really skeptical but she said it wasn't a time share and there's no pressure to buy, they just want our feedback on their products.  I don't know what to do, because odds are it's a scam, but it'd be really nice if it's not!  It sounds like too many people have had this happen to them for it to be real, though...
  • I got this call a while ago as well.  It is one of those things where you go to their office, listen to them try to sell you their products for an hour and then you get your "prizes."  You automatically get something small and then usually spin a wheel or pick a ticket or something to see what else you get.

    No, I did not go.  I just did a lot of research when I first heard from them.
  • did anyone actually go to this though?  our appointment is in an hour  :(

  • I just got this call today! I am planning on going tomorrow and checking it out!
  • does anyone know if this is real i got the call too. it sounds to go to be true. i have been looking online and there isnt anything that says its a scam.
  • I just got the call, took down the info, and said I would call back.  One of the things that got the "scam sensors" going for me is that she repeated the exact same lines about advertising twice and the wedding bands came from two different jewelry stores (at the beginning she said S&J Jewelry, at the end she said JBL Jewelry).  After that, I googled Global Lifestyles, and this was the first thing that came up.  I just googled JBL Jewely, which she said would give tungsten wedding bands, but they make steel jewelry.  I will not be calling back to sign up to attend.
  • Thank God for the internet! I just got the call today and like a bride who is trying to win free photography and other elements to my wedding by entering drawings (through sites that I know and trust) almost went through the roof when I thought that I actually won something. I was puzzled at first because I never put my name into a vacation drawing. I am so glad for the detailed info that
    posted. I am just going to delete the scam!
  • I just got the call and was skeptical immediately, but I did sit through the phone call and scheduled an appoitment (which I will of course NOT be attending). I have only been to David's Bridal (no expos), and I'm sure the small bridal boutiques I've been to would not sell info, so the guilty party must be David's Bridal. I know David's Bridal isn't the nicest store, but I still would've never expected them to sell information like this.
  • I got a call from "Arleen" same number as the one posted above "(631)"... today

    Seems like a scam, I'm not going.
  • I got a call today from Arlene also. She said she got my info from a card I filled out at the great bridal expo in NY that I went to a few weeks ago. Guess who their sponsor was? She offered us wedding bands, the hotel stay to over 20 places oncluding hawaii and the online coupons in addition to a percentage off their products if we go to their showing this weekend. Has to be a scam.
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  • I got a call from Jessie about 30 min ago. Took down all the information, and made the appointment for tonight (they are only in my area today and tomorrow evenings). I got the whole "only 5% of brides get a call" thing. So I call my mom, all excited, and she suggested I Google them. After reading all the posts here and their rating on Google, I'm thinking that it's gotta be a scam. My fiance and I will not be attending.
  • I got a call too, but was not able to take down her information as I was driving. She said she would call back and leave the information on my voicemail. Her name was Arlene (shockingly, enough).

    I will not be calling her back and my fiance & I will not be attending any meetings.
  • I got the call today. She told me she received my information from David's Bridal (which I am not thrilled about), and gave me the same "song and dance" about all of the prizes and the seminar that we would have to attend. Something in my gut is telling me this isn't right, but mainly because I have never "won" anything in my life. (LOL) I have read all of these posts and the one thing I notice that's consistent is that all of you have said you were told that the seminar was either the same day of the phone call or the very next day. Odd. I hate to be scammed like that, especially when it comes to mine and my fiance's special day. As curious as we are, we have decided not to attend the seminar. I always Google before I do anything anymore! (LOL)
  • So I too got the same call. My boyfriend suggested that we look online and the first thing to pop up when we googled them was that it was a scam. One of the first links was this forum and after reading everyone's posts I told him that I didn't care whether we went or not. It seemed there were only a few brave soles who went out and tried it and not that many reports on how it went. He thought we should at least go and check it out - we didn't have anything else to do that night so an hour and a half out of the house was fine - it would at least be a funny adventure to talk about in the future we decided. So we went and it basically ends up being an extremely good salesman selling cookware - think PamperChef but at a hotel. The whole thing ended up taking almost two hours but the salesman was very funny and kept us all engaged in his presentaton. Thankfully my boyfriend is very financially responsible and not much of a push-over so although the products were neat we did not end up walking out of the hotel with new cookware lol . . . but as you are all wondering, what about the prizes? Well the first gift was a choice between 2 tungsten wedding bands up to $700 value or a 3 day, 2 night stay at a Marriot hotel at about 20 different locations in the U.S. Since I am wanting a wedding band that matches my engagement ring, we opted for the hotel stay. It is good for up to two years at the specified locations and the only thing you have to pay is a $100 refundable deposit that you get back when you checkout. Apparently this is the hotel's way of getting you in and hoping you extend your trip (i.e.  honeymoon) and if you do, this cookware company has a deal that they have to give you the lowest price on any additional nights you decide to stay (in the off season, you get the employ discount which is usually 50% off). The second prize was a year long membership to Passport to Savings. I am a major coupon clipper so I was very excited about this one - all you do is fill out a voucher and mail it in with $4.95 for shipping and handling and they'll mail you back a card. You can then go online and print coupons for groceries, restuarants, airplane tickets, etc. Suppose to be a huge money maker and apparently 75% of people end up renewing after the year is up (it is not an automatic renewal by the way), The third gift was 20-40% off of the cookware if you buy it that night along with a free cruise - all you have to do is pay port taxes (usually $120 per person). We haven't tried to use any of the prizes yet but I thought I'd at least give everyone ut there an idea of what they can expect. As we use them, I'll try to get back on and update to let you guys know how worth it it is. And by the way, logging on to websites like this one ( along with David Bridal and others is one way of how they get your information.
  • I received this same phone call this afternoon.  I will NOT be attending the cookware show after reading all of these posts.  I am pretty pissed off that would sell my information!!  I was at a Bridal Show just a couple weeks ago and was a sponsor (I am pretty sure).  
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    My fiance and I just went last night! Totally legit. (David's Bridal gives them your info OR a bridal if they have ur name its because you went to one or the other.) Couldn't believe it. It's a direct marketing company so their free gifts are apparently a way of advertising. So all you have to do is go listen to someone trying to sell you something for 90 minutes and you get your gift!! We choose the hotel gift. (Leave your credit cards at home! We took ours and TOTALLY bought the pot and pan set BUT it was only because if you bought it that day you got a free cruise!)...So Ladies....I got a free 5//4night cruise out of Miami, a hotel vacation package we're going to combine with out cruise (Apparently the gifts are good for two years)...and our honeymoon is paid for for the price of pots. Check it out! If ANYTHING you'll walk away with your free two night hotel stay at a place of your choosing. If you have questions email me at :) )
  • Thanks Ktodonell for the explanation of this so called company. My fiance and I are due to arrive at a session at noon today, but we will same ourself the time. I was called earlier this week and was left a message. I called back yesterday and had the same response as many that the woman who called me was not there. I was then put on hold so that Joanna could get my information. The result of that was a dial tone. I thought maybe the hang up was my fault so I called back. The same woman, Joanna then said she had to look up my information. She asked me what city and state I was in. I asked her how she got my information. She proceeded to rattle off a list of possibilities. I was a little skeptical, but still wasn't sure because I have entered my information in to some bridal drawings. She said that me and my fiance had won the 3day 2night stay at a five star hotel, the restaurant discounted card as well as a discount card for their products. She said there is no pressure to buy anything and everything is free as long as we sat through their hour session. 

    I noticed their website to be very strange as well. There are no products on it. No area like Joanna told us that would show us the locations of where we can travel from the package given or stipulations on this package either. Please ladies, don't get sucked into this! All they're trying to do is take advantages of us.
  • I got a call today, from the Bridal show in Atlanta. But I'm also registered with and David's Bridal. Either way, not sure how they got my number. The lady was really nice that I spoke with, but basically told me that yes, they will get you to try to buy some cookware and there are blackout days for the hotel. The rings, I'm not sure of, but other than that she was upfront with me about it. I ended up not setting up an appoitment.

    Also, she confirmed the hotel people were the Ortenza Marketing group.
  • Did you all ever get your rings? Were the worth it?
  • Listen Ladies...I absolutely Recommend This Company. The Promotional Gifts are great and the products are quality.
  • okay, so I went to the meeting, and it was exactly as everyone has been saying.... 90 minutes... selling cookware... get the gifts.... etc. etc. same exact everything except my company was called culinary bride, but literally EVERYTHING was exactly the same as posted above. I'm not sure if I will do the trip thing or not, what I am more interested in is the passport to value couponing thing, has anyone done it? is worth doing. I guess I am going to try it, it is only 4.95 shipping and handling, so I guess the worst that can happen is I'm out 5 bucks, but has anyone tried the passport to value?? curious if it is good or not? worth it?
  • I went. Its just like a time-share presentation.The pots and pans are really neat to check out. The features which they have are really neat but they are way over priced so I didnt but anything. Going to the presentaion was worth it for me but you should be told that neithe "Free gift" is actually free. I chose the rings and for each ring there is a $25 processing, handling and shipping fee so thats $50 in total for both rings. For me I chose to get my husband two rings instead of getting one for me. My husband is in the military so now he has one ring which he can wear to work and in the field and one ring which he can wear for special occasions. Its up to you if its woth it to go. 
  • I got a call last night and listened to the voice mail. I told my fiance and i said i would call back to see what they wanted. They also called from a restriceted number that i never answer. I talked to a Catherine and she said I won a bridal giveaway and I was one of the 5% chosen. She said I could choose from 2 wedding bands (which wasnt even gold) it was a titanuim metal and another that i cant remember.  Or we could choose a 3 day 2 night vacation to like the bahamas, mexico, and so on. Another gift she said we would get would be 1,000 worth of grocery coupons. The last gift was 20%-40% off their website. She continued to tell me that we had to meet at the hotel that is 30 min from my house and we would listen to a hr and half presentation with a small dinner sample with their cookware. She gave me this claim number and told me to bring a vailid id with me. We picked an apt for this friday night at 8:30pm. and gave me the website of their company. Now I went to and looked up their registrant and information and googled around for this guy called Vince Dima. Yeah he doesnt sound legit either and I have read nothing but bad about him. Glad I looked into this and read what everyone else had wrote. I DEFINATLY WILL NOT being going to this sham presentaion!  I am also pissed to whoever had sold my infomation to some lousy company that is fake. Welcome to the world of ignorance I guess.  Ladies, save yourself the time and trouble and dont answer these people or give them ANY personal infomation ie: bank account, address, and so on. :) :) Stay Safe
  • Has anyone actually signed up for the "passport to value" coupon site? Was it worth the 5 bucks?
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