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Do I Have to Register?

Is it tacky to not provide a registry option for my guests?  I do not want to ask for cash (although we would prefer it), but no gift or any gift would always be welcome!

Re: Do I Have to Register?

  • I didn't register either!  Be prepared for some people to think it's strange, but it is certainly acceptable.  We did receive mostly cash too.  This is probably the best way to receive cash without asking for it.  People will either give cash because it's easy or give cash because it seems like that's what you must want.

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  • Totally fine not to register, most people will get the idea that you would prefer cash. Some people still prefer buying gifts which you can always return if not needed.
  • You don't have to register, but it would be helpful to make a small registry of upgrades.  That way people who want to buy you physical gifts can still do so, but most people will get the hint that you would prefer cash.
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    I think that it's fine not to register also.  I will not be registering anywhere either. 
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  • It is very tacky to register and put the place where you registered on your invitations. However, if you are having a Wedding Shower it's pretty common to be registered somewhere because that is the whole point of the Shower; to 'shower' you with gifts.

    Otherwise, no, you don't have to.
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  • If you don't put the place that you registered at how will people know? 
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    If you don't put the place that you registered at how will people know? 
    Posted by ncarolinadaisy
    Your wedding party and families should be told, and you can totally post it on y our wedding website if you feel so inclined.  It's considered polite to only let it spread by word of mouth, but the website makes it a little easier nowadays.
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  • Just remember if you do not register should decline all showers
  • I agree that putting the registry locations on the wedding invitation is inappropriate and tacky, but since the purpose of a shower is to give the bride and groom gifts, I don't see any problem with putting that information on the shower invites, or enclosing a card with the registry info on it within the invitation.  Not everyone , and I'm mostly referring to the older generation, uses the internet.

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