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What did you receive?

I am pretty sure I will not be opening any registries because my fiancé and myself have lived on our own for years and have all the housewares items we need.  
I have a question for others who have decided against having any registries.  Did this work well for you?  Did you received mostly cash gifts, or a lot of random housewares items?  How many guests complained or were confused?

As with many couples, we would prefer cash gifts but realize it is rude to ask for that outright, BUT leaving it totally up to chance also makes me nervous.

Thanks for your insight!

Re: What did you receive?

  • We didn't register. 

    For the wedding, we received almost all cash.  We had I think 4 non-cash gifts.  2 were household things.  The other two things was a homemade quilt and a silver frame with our names and wedding date engraved on it.

    I had a shower that was "themed" to an extent as we were moving from an apartment to a house and needed house-y things like garden tools, hose, grill utensils, etc.  For the shower, I got a couple of things I didn't need, but they included a gift receipt so it was no big deal.

    Some people thought it was strange, but they managed.  There is certainly no rule that says you have to register, and if you are looking for cash, I think you are going about it in the best way possible.
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  • DH and I had lived together for many years before we got married but we still registered.  We did upgrade items and towels (because who can't use more towels?).  In the end we only received a few items from our registry and mostly cash gifts.
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  • Registered for a few things at local kitchen store (family friends own the business) and at REI for some camping stuff. We spread word of mouth we didn't need gifts though. Still was surprised by the generosity. We appreciated all the gifts we got, registry, cash, and total surprise ones.
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