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Beauty and the Beast theme.

My fiance and I are planning our wedding for May 2013. We want it to be clear that our theme is Beauty and the Beast without it being too over-the-top. This ist he perfect theme for us, we think, because when we talk about his past, he always talks about how I tamed him, like Belle tamed the Beast. Nothing is set in stone yet, of course, but we've tossed around a few ideas. We want to incorproate the most important aspects of the movie into the ceremony and reception in creative ways. To begin with, for centerpieces, we're thinking candelabras (During Belle and the Beast's first romantic dinner, their centerpiece was a simple candelabra.) or a single red rose in a glass dome over a round mirror; perhaps we will use both ideas - one on the head table and the other on the guests' tables. If we can afford it, we'd like to rent a chandelier to hang over the dance floor. The reception site we're looking at is a castle set on a golf course a few miles from the church. It's got a grand ball room with a balcony, similar to the one in the movie. Our colors are still up in the air - imagine that! Before we decided on the Beauty and the Beast theme, we were planning to go with lilac and silver. I still like those colors, but because of the importance of the red rose, we have to include red in some way. At first I wasn't too sure about combining purple and red, but red and lilac roses look wonderful together, accented by some white flowers, perhaps lilies, for my bouquet. As far as bridesmaids' dresses and favors, we've got very few ideas to work with as of now. Any ideas?
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Re: Beauty and the Beast theme.

  • FIrst  off, I have to say I really hope you can stress to your guests that the Beauty and the Beast theme is because of the "taming the beast" part, and can make sure your guests don't think of the groom as a beast.

    Second, I LOVE your ideas for decorations! I really think you can do some awesome work with this idea.

    Lastly, Alfred Angelo has designed some amazing dresses inspired by the Disney Princesses. And the Belle dress is GORGEOUS! You may want to check it out!
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  • This company does customized invitations, programs and napkins for all Disney themes including Beauty and the Beast. We used the company for our wedding and were so pleased.


    Main site http://www.invitationdiscounters.com
  • This is go exciting to know other have or going to do this as well.. i thought i was the only kid-ish bride to do it
  •   I'm getting married next May 2013 as well with an improvised Beauty and the Beast theme!  My original colors were a marine/navy blue and yellow, obviously because of their formalwear.  Other than that, we weren't planning on incorporating anything else Disney-related into the wedding.  I want to play the song, and I also found a cake topper that's beautiful, but expensive.  Also, I let my father choose the song we dance to together at the reception, and one of the songs he chose was from the Broadway production of Beauty and the Beast, Maurice and Belle singing to each other, because I used to watch that movie all the time when I was little.  I contemplated trying on that Belle dress by Alfred Angelo because it is beautiful, but decided a ball gown wasn't for me, and I went with a Water's gown.  
      All in all I think you still have a ton of time left to figure stuff out.  I think it would be cool to have a giant vintage mirror as your guests sign in on it, that way you can keep it and hang it somewhere in your house afterwards.  Also, you could put a single red rose on each table, (that would be discrete as well as cheaper), with some candles.  I liked the book idea someone had said before, but even just getting some ancient looking books, maybe putting one or two on each table with the rose would look cute I think.  I'm not a fan of flashy things, or anything too over the top, but if you can have a castle with candleabras, go for it.  I'm very simplistic because that's my taste.  I hope you have fun planning either way!
  • We don't have a theme but we're thinking of having "Be Our Guest" playing while the food is being served.
  • Im having a beauty and the beast in 2015 and i have so many wonderful ideas and i still dont know what kind of favors i want and all  that jazz
  • My fiance and I are doing a Beauty and the Beast inspired theme as well. 3.23.13. We are just outside Orlando, Florida, so infusing Disney is only natural. :)

    Some of the ideas we came up with include using lots of tea lights on our centerpieces. The movie centers a great deal around gardens, romantic lighting, books, and long lines (tall chairs, long tables, spindal-ish castle, long windows, thin bridges, etc). 5-ish of our tables will have tall thin glass vases, with cherry blossom like branches and flowers. We will hang tea lights from some of the branches. Half of the remaining will have hurricane vases with a tall, thick candle in it, surrounded by rose petals (both in the glass and around the vase), sitting on a mirror. The other half of the centerpieces will have the cylindrical, glass vases (three in different heights). They will have floating candles and submerged pearls with petals around the mirror it sits on.

    We are also book worms (like Belle) so our table numbers will be numbers from our favorite books (the place cards will have the guest name and the riddle to find their table. The answer will be the table they go to. IE: How many houses are at Hogwarts? Answer: 4- go to table 4.)

    You guys have some great ideas here!!!

  • I love the idea! Where were you thinking of having it because sadly the Beauty and the BEast ballroom in FL is not available sadly
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