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Fall Weddings

Purple and Turquoise in fall??

My favorite colors are purple and turquoise but I do not want a summer wedding. My fiance's favorite month is October, and that's fine with me. I just cant seem to figure out how to incorporate purple and turquoise into an outdoor fall wedding when the leaves are going to be beautiful and orange.

I know I want a gold/champagne dress, and I think that purple and gold go well together, but what other fall color would go well with a plum purple and gold?

I keep trying to pick out color schemes but I keep leaning toward an olive green/pumpkin orange/chocolate brown and gold combo. That would be great, but I don't really like any of those colors and I don't want to look back on my wedding several years from now and think, "Why did I do those colors?"

(I've had that experience before with my high school class ring.... I chose to get an aquamarine stone instead of amethyst (my birthstone AND favorite color. And I'm all the time wondering what I was thinking)

Re: Purple and Turquoise in fall??

  • Honestly, I think that gold/dk purple/turquoise look awesome together.  Plus it's unique.  If those are the colors you like, use them.  I think they;re awesome!
  • but they're not really fall colors. (at least not with the turquoise) If I have an outdoor wedding, I don't want to clash with the orange and yellow and red leaves.
  • Honestly it really dosent matter if your colors match the season.  Its your wedding, so have it fit your personality and style.  ^_^ Be yourself.
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  • I agree if you just use Turquoise to highlight a few things but keep the focus on the purple and gold, I think it'll look really pretty ... Don't feel bad I'm getting married in October as well and though everything will be inside because I don't really trust Illinois' Fall ... I choose Navy Blue, a Dusty Rose and Silver for my wedding colors ... I think you should go with your gut and go with what it is you and your Fiance love.
  • I had purple in the fall and it looked so nice.  I think turquoise touches will be very nice...what about peacock feathers? 
    and then there were 3...
  • I agree, use purple with a little turquoise and it'll look gorgeous!
  • I have a dark teal / turquoise color for my BM's dresses and my mom was concerned about the same thing - how is that going to blend with the fall colors of oranges and reds, yellows, etc.

    Different dress shops - say any "jewel tone" will go with the tealness colored dress - meaning purples, teals, etc ...

    The florist is actually pulling in fall colors into the boquets for the groomsmen and bridesmaids - orange, yellow, red, green, purple, etc.

    The florist said they'd have no problem finding colors to blend the teal / fall colors together.

    Hopefully everything will work (we're doing an outdoor wedding in MN)
  • I am getting married in Oct--a year and a day since we got engaged--and one of the first thing i decided is I DID NOT want fall colors!!  It's too expected plus I'm not a fan of orange(no offense to anyone just my personal taste).  Just because it's fall does not mean you have to match it...that's like saying winter you must use white and gray or only bright colors in the summer.  My color inspiration was a peacock feather which will be in the decor and chocolate brown.  I didn't stick exactly to the true "peacock" colors....I went with teal, deep purple, a deep green(few accents), and chocolate brown--jewel tones really.  I also think of it this way if you're having a outdoor wedding do you want to blend into the background on the wedding day??  I think you're colors will be beautiful and will really pop in the surroundings.  I do suggest that you stay with the richer/deeper tones of these colors as a way to complement that fall season.  Good luck!
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