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Fall Weddings

Champagne color and what?

We're having our wedding on October 30th.  I originally wanted yellow to be my wedding color, and then discovered champagne --- I thought it is more formal and more appropriate for fall.

1.  Can I still incorporate yellow in my colors?  Does champagne and yellow match?
2.  What could be my 3rd color for a darker more solid shade?  Chocolate brown?
3.  Does champagne, yellow and chocolate brown match?

Sorry... not a creative bride here.  I'm not one to just look at colors and know that they go well together.

Your help and inputs would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance.

Re: Champagne color and what?

  • I am getting married nov 6 of 2011, my colors are mocha,vanilla,and i will have a hit of dark yellow in my flowers, also for my center pieces. I think if you want to use yellow for one of yours colors   you can use it in your center pieces,or use a more of  a fall color yellow for your flowers, I don't think champagne and yellow go to well.
  • First of all, since it's your wedding, do what you like and what makes you happy! That being said, I feel like if I saw yellow and champagne together, the champagne would end up looking like a dingy, dirty version of the yellow.
    I love the idea of chocolate brown being used as a darker accent color, and I think any other color would make a great accent to those neutrals, except yellow would be my last choice. :s Red, Orange, Eggplant, Sage, Blue, etc would be great choices. GL!
  • Also, just by using google I found this inspiration board which uses yellow, champagne and gray:

    And this one which is "Sunset" (aka yellow, red, orange) and champage:


  • I agree with pp about champagne looking like a "dirty" yellow. Maybe you can use chocolate brown and champagne, with fall colored flowers, which could be a way to incorporate the yellow?
  • Great, we have the same wedding date!! I thought about champagne and chocolate for my colors but everyone does the same and I wanted something less common. I think you can absolutely use yellow as long as u go for the right shade. You can have the basics in chocolate and if you love bright yellow go for it in awesome tropical flowers. Champagne can be the hint of elegance, like in nice garlands and embellished tablecloth tops. Enjoy the process, go to several websites and save pics of your faves. I love the Wedding Wire inspiration ideas, they really come handy.
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  • I'm doing champagne gold and cranberry red  and mine is Oct. 8th, 2011
  • I'm also an Oct 30 bride and my colors are champagne and ivory - third "accent" color will either be eggplant or red (TBD after we visit our venue next weekend). 
    I also really like the classic idea of black with champagne but it might be too dull/somber for most. 
  • I'm getting married 10/30/10 too!

    My main color is cranberry, but I am having yellows, oranges, and browns put in where appropriate. I'm not superly picky about things being super matchy matchy.
  • I agree with leaving the yellow out..... I remember my jr. high teacher telling me khaki and yellow do not go together and champagne is khaki's fancy, shimmery cousin! I think a plum color would be really pretty or what about just doing metallics with it? A copper or something?

    ~basquing in the wedded bliss~
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