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Including adult children in the wedding

I am trying to figure out if we should or at least invite our adult children to be part of a second wedding ceremony?  He as 2 girls I have 2 boys from previous marriages. We may want the ceremony in another state but the children all live in their "home town" (where they were born and raised). We feel obligated to fly the children and thier spouses to this other state to be part of the wedding. Any thoughts/ suggestions?


Re: Including adult children in the wedding

  • Talk to them.  Adult children should (1) be able to tell you how they want to participate and (2) provide some monetary contribution toward their own travel.   If you just start throwing tickets at them, it may feel a bit forced upon them.  Perhaps they have a heavy work deadline, or their spouse does, their kids might have a critical juncture at school or they may be ambivalent about attending.  Have that talk with the adult child individually & privately.  Let them tell you how they are able to participate/ support / celebrate with you. ~Donna
  • I agree with the PP, talk to them, ask them what part of the wedding they want to play an active role in, if they want to participate or not.
    My boys and FI daughter, son in law and grandchildren are all excited to be in the wedding. I was shocked that they wanted to be part of it!  I wanted to elope and come back and tell them; they all said they would be very upset if we would have done that. So we are having the ceremony like an hour away for everyone and they even had the option to stay in the hotel. So we could have a nice weekend together as a new blended family.
  • I agree with the rest.  I would talk to them since they are adults and get their opinions.  I know I would want my parents to ask if they wanted us to celebtrate their big day and be hurt if not at least asked.  I hope alla goes well.
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  • I would ask them to be come and be part of the wedding, but I don't think you are obligated to pay their travel expenses.
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