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Bridal Shower for 2nd marriage

Hello all,

I could really use your help.  Any ideas for throwing a bridal shower for a second marriage?  The future bride and groom already have a home and everything they need.  How could I word an invitation suggesting to bring a gift card to a local restaurant or money for the honeymoon?  Any other suggestions?

Re: Bridal Shower for 2nd marriage

  • kimp67kimp67
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    If they really don't need anything (aren't registering) does she really want a shower?  If she does, maybe a lingerie shower?  I think it's really rude (IMO) to ask for gift cards/cash.
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  • debi1941debi1941
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    The very subject has actually come up with me today...

    My moms friends and my sister and aunt are throwing me a Lunchen....but just today i rcve a phonecall asking if I would like to have a prsonnal shower instead....

    I declined and said thank you very much.....I think a luncheon in my honor was already nice enough and I would rather not rcve gifts.....

    I believe showers are reserved for the 1st marriages.....and specific showers can be geared for the more mature bride if all are in favor

    I also agree....asking for a specific as in a gift card or honeymoon dollars is a little on the wrong side of the ettiquette scale.....

    But if you wanted to do  shower that involved a specific like a "honeymoon"....make it a Honeymoon shower, and all gifts would be for the honeymoon couple...wether it be bath salts for the suite...or brkfst in bed, or a new piece of lingerie for the bride and could be quite cute actually.....

    but asking for money in my opinion, is just not nice.....
  • jerseydeviljerseydevil
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    I agree with PPs... Have a lunch or tea in her honor. If people still want to bring something or give her money or GCs, they will.

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    Don't ask for money, gift cards, etc. That has to be the decision of the guest. IF/WHEN they ask, you can always tell them that the couple already has everything needed so no gift is necessary. Honestly, if I were told that, I would bring cash or a gift card or something unless I didn't have the means to do so.
    One thing that they might be able to do is register for honeymoon supplies. It may be a short list but if they have registered for something I think people might be more inclined to purchase a gift card. Still, it really depends on the guest.
    I don't necessarly think that bridal showers are for first marriages only, although almost everything you read will state that. For my first marriage we eloped and I never had a shower or reception of any kind, from either side of the family. I don't expect anyone to throw me a shower this time but since no one got me anything for my first marriage I don't think they would have a problem attending a shower for this one.
    To be "safe" I would throw a brunch, lunch, tea, etc. in honor of her/them.
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