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Not only a second wedding, also traditional CEREMONY after the courthouse wedding

Long story but over 30 years after being high school sweethearts, the love of my life found me again...and I was living in Kenya with him in Canada - it's a miracle to be together after all these years :).  We had a courthouse wedding in Dec. 2010, promising our families and friends that we would have a traditional church wedding soon.  We've now come up with a date and I realize that I'm at a loss about the wording to put on both the "Save the Date" notices, and the invitation which will come later.  Any suggestions for a  couple who's had a courthouse wedding and now planning a traditional ceremony  just because it's something we dreamed about as teenagers?

Re: Not only a second wedding, also traditional CEREMONY after the courthouse wedding

  • Your story is lovely.  However...

    NO save the dates. 
  • Just call it a vow renewal.  I don't see anything wrong with doing save the dates.
  • Its a vow renewal
  • When you say "traditional ceremony" do you mean a religious service?  I know of other people who have had those ceremonies separately.  I was actually thinking of doing the same thing, since there's no licensed clergy person my FI and I are close too.  We thought about having a civil ceremony so that we would be legal and then having a religious ceremony, or blessing ceremony afterwards, officiated by a dear friend who is not licensed to marry us, but very connected to God.  The religious ceremony is very important to us because of our faith, but we want the involvement of someone we are close to who has a strong annointing.
  • Try... Now is the time for john doe and jane doe to officially tie the knot... (again) with friends and family to celebrate with us.... (optional) If you're wanting to o the traditional putting a wedding together like your not married in the court house but family knows i would start it out like that because you may want to inform ppl that this is really important and can set their tone correctly without thinking they are already married.
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