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FI's EX - Major VENT

I've been debating about posting this for some time, but after today, I'm no longer holding back. 

My FI was married for 32 years, his divorce isn't technically final.  She moved out years ago and when we met, they were separated and living in different cities.  He hadn't filed because he didn't think he would meet anyone, but 3 months after we met, he filed.  She had been wanting a divorce for years before that, but it wasn't until he actually filed that things really got ugly.

His children are all grown and he has 8 amazing grandchildren.  He only gets to see 5 of them now because she has done everything in her power to turn his children against him.  His daughter has gotten lots of grief from her because she still sees him and lets him see her kids.  I have yet to meet anyone other than his daughter because of all the drama.  I still have 4 children at home.

She showed up on my front porch one day screaming obscenities at the top of her lungs and threatening my children.  They were literally scared of her and are scared now every time they hear her name.  She has now told his parents all the mistakes he made 20 years ago and all the things he did.  They were married at 15 because she was pregnant.  She, of course, doesn't share any of the things she did and blames him for all of it.

There were temporary orders he agreed to that give her $600 a month in spousal support.  He's a commercial real estate broker and the economy sucks so he hasn't closed a deal since last July.  She has all the property and in fact refused to let him even keep the furniture he had in his house when he met me including his tools.  He has done construction jobs in the past and those tools could have earned him income, but she refused to return them.

So, he hasn't closed a deal and she won't give him his tools and then she files a contempt motion because he hasn't paid her spousal.  Kind of hard to pay spousal without any income.  We've been living off of my income for months and there isn't another $600 a month in the budget.

There was a hearing today for a final hearing on the divorce and the contempt motion.  He paid everything he owed her a month ago, but she still wanted him thrown in jail because he hadn't paid it on time.  My ex owes over $50K in back child support and hasn't seen his kids in over 2 years and I still haven't asked to have him put in jail.  It takes a very special kind of hate to want to do that to someone.

And now we come to my biggest vent.  She and her DIL have been cyber-stalking me for months.  It started on another board I used to post on for bargains and deals and then moved here when we started planning the wedding.  She uses is against him and me and tries to act like he's doing things he shouldn't or that we're spending money that should be going to her.  I have money of my own and my sister has helped a lot with wedding stuff.

She has now dragged his parents into things even more and they are livid.  I felt sorry for her in the beginning because I know how hard a divorce can be no matter what the circumstances that brought you there are, but now she's crossed lines that I can't get past.  Actively wanting to put him in jail after he has paid all he owes and now going after his parents and even before that scaring my kids.  Divorce can make you do crazy things, but there is no excuse for this sort of behavior.

She's convinced he has a job that he isn't telling anyone about.  She's convinced that we got married last summer when we took the kids to Padre (how is that even possible?? and before anyone asks, it was FI's uncle's condo so it was free and we brought groceries so all it cost us was gas to get there.) She's convinced that his parents bought the property we're living on for me.  She's seriously gone off the deep end and I'm tired of being stalked and being abused.

So, for those who just read this tirade, thank you for putting up with it.

For Cathy and/or Taylor, cyber-stalking is a crime punishable by law.  Leave me alone and move on.
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Re: FI's EX - Major VENT

  • Wow, I wish I could smack her for you.  My FI has a psycho ex, but he was very firm with her and made it very clear that she was not to come near me or cause me any trouble or she would deal with him.  It makes a big difference when a man stands up for himself and for the woman in his life.

    I agree that there is absolutely no excuse for this foolishness and I hope that you're documenting all of the illeagal things she does with dates, times and witnesses so that you can file for an order of protection against her.  Also, do not engage her at all, no response whatsoever.  Anything you say, no matter how calm or concilliatory will add gasoline to the fire, even if you're just trying to make peace.  This woman is crazy and she's going to keep on being crazy until she is made to stop and only your FI and the law can do that at this point.
  • LOL my sister wants to do the same thing.  She keeps wishing she had been at my house when she showed up.  My FI has stood up for me, but it's been hard because they have children and grandchildren together and he didn't want things to get ugly, but he's hit his limit.  She's been saying ugly things about him to everyone for years, but he's kept his mouth shut and been the better person and he's not going to start being ugly now, but he's also not going to stand for being a doormat either.

    I have saved all the texts she has sent and recorded the one conversation we ever had on the phone.  I'm meeting with an attorney tomorrow to see what actions can be taken.  If she was just messing with me, I would probably let it slide, but when you bring my kids into the picture, mama bear comes out and I can't put them at risk.
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  • Lol, I guess my FI is just a lot less diplomatic than yours.  He doesn't say anything in front of the kids, but he makes his point very plain when they speak privately.  Since their children are all grown, he should be able to speak freely to her, though I agree that there's no need to say anything to or in front of the kids or grandkids.  As for things GETTING ugly, what do you call this?  I hope you get this all sorted though, I hate to see anyone going through this kind of mess.
  • That stinks.. All I can say is keep your head high and continue on with your happy life. Sometimes people are so jealous and hateful that all they can do is try to destroy others. Hopefully she will get a life of her own soon and leave you two alone.
  • You need legal advice more than message board advice.  I would also suggest some counseling to deal with why what she believes bothers you.  ( I do understand why being stalked bothers you.  But whether she believes that someone else paid for your house really is of no consequence).  You cannot control her and her thoughts & behaviors.  You can only control how you react to her.  Sounds like a classic case of I don't want him, but I don't want anyone else to have him either.  ~Donna
  • While what I'm dealing with isn't that extreme, I can relate to some of it. FI's ex tried digging up all sorts of stuff on me, even emailing my ex-husband who (this is why you never burn bridges) told her he has nothing bad to say about me and that our marriage broke up because of him, not me (she thought FI and I were having an affair, we weren't).

    They were married 20 years (got married young) have two young children (8 and 5) and she has basically no life outside of the kids. Custody is 50/50, so she has all sorts of time on her hands and nothing else better to do. She's a bitter, lonely person who (I think) very much has the "I don't want him, but don't want anyone else to have him either" mindset. She blames all her issues on him, she left and was supposed to be "so much better off" without him. She's stuck and has no one to blame but herself, so she tries to make our lives hell.

    We're getting married in August, and I've finally gotten up the nerve to tell FI that we need to get into counseling. We're not handling the situation properly and it's really starting to take a toll on our relationship. I'm not going into this only to let his crazy ex split us up down the road.

    Good luck - talking to an attorney is a terrific idea. I would also suggest counseling, both individually and as a couple. I didn't realize how much of an impact something like this can have on our relationship until we started having issues. It's been a bumpy couple of months.
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  • I appreciate all the advice and support.  I did consult an attorney and unless she's posting something herself in reference to me, it isn't cyberstalking.  I can see that since these are public forums, I just wish she'd stop.  What she believes doesn't bother me, it's her voicing her beliefs to others that bothers me. 

    My biggest fear is that it will continue forever.  I don't want my FI to never see 3 of his grandchildren.  I don't want holidays to always be stressful because she can't see past her own vindictiveness and put the children and grandchildren first.  I'm so anti-drama and all this just irritates the fire out of me.  Adults should act like adults and not teenagers. 

    I'm not expecting us to be best friends, but for the sake of the rest of the family, we should be able to be in the same room with each other without everyone walking on eggshells.  The kids should be able to invite everyone over for Thanksgiving or Christmas without having to choose sides.  She's bringing people into this that have no reason to be involved and it's just causing stress for everyone.  His parents don't need anymore stress and his grandchildren certainly don't need to be used as pawns to manipulate the situation.

    Anyway, I am going to keep my mouth shut as I have been and keep praying and hope things will calm down and she will move on and let go of her animosity.
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  • If you seriously fear this will last forever, you might benefit from some counseling.  He/she might be able to help you come up with some coping skills.  This woman will be in your life for a long time -- as long as you and your fiance are together (unless she dies before he does). 

    If you allow her craziness to push you over the edge now, she has achieved what she's set out to do -- rock your world and make you a victim.  Don't give her that power.  Use your energy to reassure your children they are safe (do whatever it takes to make that happen) and keep yourself healthy and sane.  You have a whole new life to live.  Don't let that b*tch get you down. 
  • No one has power over you that you do not choose to give them. Every second that you dedicate to thinking about, worrying about or planning about her is time you have given her. The one thing a drama llama hates most is to be ignored. I am betting you are younger than her and have more going for you.  The more you can let it go, the less power she has, the less response she gets, the less feedback she gets.

    I read an article about an autistic child who is non verbal and severely disabled.  The child pulls people's hair to get attention.  The behavior modification plan is to not react if he pulls your hair, to break the feedback loop. If he pulls your hair, and you yell and scream and holler and get angry, it POSITIVELY reinforces to him that hair pulling= big drama attention.  Although it feels so wrong to ignore such intrusive painful behavior, it is the only way to not reinforce it.  Treat her the same way.  Use the phrase "I cannot be bothered by..." whatever she does.  It WILL bother you in your heart, just like having your hair pulled makes you want to scream & cry.  You can react, it just has to be out of her line of sight, which includes the line of sight of ANYONE who might share with her your response, including his kids & grandkids.

    I wholeheartedly repeat my advice to get counseling for yourself.  ~Donna
  • If you allow her craziness to push you over the edge now, she has achieved what she's set out to do -- rock your world and make you a victim.  Don't give her that power.  Use your energy to reassure your children they are safe (do whatever it takes to make that happen) and keep yourself healthy and sane.  You have a whole new life to live.  Don't let that b*tch get you down

    I agree with everything Lisa said above, and RetreadBride as well.

    You need legal help and counseling. I'm sure a restraining order would be something to look into since she did show up on your porch and scared your children. Legal assistance would also help to obtain your fiance's tools so he can earn a living.

    Cyber stalking is not a victimless crime. It is actually illegal in many states. Keeping tabs on what you post/say, and where, then hearing those things thrown at you requires a lot of effort. It means keeping written or typed logs of what you put "out there" and then re-hearing it from the stalker in some form or place. I'm not an attorney, but if you want to go down that road then look into what you need to do. I have found that internet searches for legal information can really help (I do a lot of research for my job). Get your information first, then seek legal advice.

    Good luck.
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