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planning my own bridal shower

i seem to be in the awkward situation of having to either (a) not have a bridal shower or bachlorette party or (b) planning them myself.  i'm not quite sure how to handle this and i wasn't aware i wan in their situation until about a week ago. i'm going to give a little back story so i can get some valid advice back on how to handle and approach this.

i have three bridesmaids;  N, M & D. i have related to one and have been friends with the other two for about 11 years.
-  D is my baby sister (17) and lives far away and is very supportive but isn't able to come up and do this stuff so i'm going to her for a mini weekend in her hometown to hang out a few weeks before the wedding.  She is so far the only one who has her dress and has been on the ball about getting things done on her end. She lives to far away to be part of the bridal shower and too young for the bachlorette party.
- N is my friend who has become MIA since i asked her to be a bridemaid. she was excited and then completely non-existent. the occasional facebook message and a few offers to hang out that she has found a way out of.
- M is my MOH and i planned her wedding two years ago from top to bottom.  M brought it up that it would be "inconvenient" for her to do any parties or get -together for me since she has other stuff going on. she asked me if i could tel my MIL or mom to do those. my mom isn't involved with the wedding at all and my MIL is paying for a large portion of the reception and i think is maxed out as far as parties go.  M also told me that if the date's are inconvenient for her she won't be able to attend.

i really want to have the whole "bride experience" and don't want to miss out on things like my shower and my bachlorette. i know you can't ask someone to throw you a shower or party and i wouldn't dream of it.

1. is it ok to host my own party or will that make me look like a greedy 3itch?
2. how do word that on the invitations?
3. how do you think i should handle this situation in the next couple of months?

wedding is in 6 months
I am planning everything
Dad and MIL are paying for wedding
my BM's have bailed on me because i work nights and weekends and they work weekdays (the official excuse)

Thank you
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Re: planning my own bridal shower

  • You don't host a shower for yourself. period. If no one volunteers to have a shower for you then you just don't get to have one. It's sad, it hurts but that's how it is. You don't throw a shower for yourself.
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