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Gift Baskets for Bride and Groom on Wedding Day

Hey everybody,

I am my sister's maid of honor and I wanted to do something a little special on their wedding day.  I wanted to give a gift basket to the bride, and a seperate one to the groom, on their wedding day.  I was just wondering if anybody had any ideas of what to put in their seperate gift baskets.  Thanks so much!


Re: Gift Baskets for Bride and Groom on Wedding Day

  • lalap69lalap69
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    I've never really heard of doing separate gift baskets and it sounds a little odd to me, so I can't help you there.  I have friends who have set up the bride and groom's wedding night hotel room though, setting up champagne, covering the room in rose petals, etc.
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    yes, i is definitely different.  i was planning on setting up their room for the wedding night as well.  but, i recently got married and my sister and her fiance put together an awesome slideshow, which was a surprise to us, and played it during the reception.  i cannot think of any other way of surprising them, besides copying my sister's idea, so i thought i could just get them some really neat a gift basket.
  • AutumnFairAutumnFair
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    That's a toughie because I have never heard of that before either. I guess maybe buying some items that fit their interest and then something that they will both use together (maybe one gets a digital photo frame and the other a memory card of pictures of them leaving a note that they need to bring them together to get the final surprise). Or just some treats and a really heartfelt note expressing your love for both of them.
  • jerseydeviljerseydevil
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    I would personally get one gift basket for both of them with wine or champagne and some gourmet foods they can both enjoy.

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    Ditto PPs.  A nice basket in the hotel room would be great, but don't "set up the room."  That's creepy, IMO.  If you want to have chilled champagne or chocolate-dipped strawberries, etc. sent up I think that would be appropriate.
  • graysquirrelgraysquirrel
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    I think it is a nice idea. Who cares if people have never heard of it before? I like that you're thinking outside the box. If someone were to do that for me, I'd like  a romantic basket with champagne and chocolate. Or, if you're really close with your sister, it might be fun to make a honeymoon basket with "other" types of things in it as well Tongue out
  • I agree with people that it might make a bit more sense to just give them one basket with things that they will both use-champagne, chocolates, candles, food, massage oils, etc.-but it would be cool to throw in some extra things specifically just for each of them too...maybe wrap up a couple presents, but their names on them, and add that to the basket?  It depends on what their own individual tastes are, but I'm sure you could come up with a couple extra things that they would both like.

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    yeah, i like that..that is a good idea. maybe i will do one basket but throw in a few individual gifts!
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