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Wedding nails... fake or not fake?

I'm trying to figure out how I want my nails done for my wedding.  I know that I want a color (probably light pink, or maybe to match my flowers) instead of the traditional french manicure.  Otherwise, here are my thoughts:

Natural: I always liked the look of very natural nails.  I like nails that are short and shaped nicely, but I'm worried about polish chipping off

Gel manicure:  I've had these before but I don't like keeping my hands under the UV light to dry them.  Also, they tend to peel off my nails VERY quickly... way faster than advertised so I'm not sure if it's worth the money

Acrylic nails:  I like the durability and long-lastingness (lol I know, not a word) of these, but I don't like when they look too long, chunky or overly fake. 

What do all of you do for your nails and what are your experiences?  Thanks!

Re: Wedding nails... fake or not fake?

  • How do you keep your nails normally?
    I keep my nails painted regularly, but not fake nails.
    For me, I did the shellac (gel), and I loved not having to worry about them for the wedding AND honeymoon. I would do shellac all the time if I could afford it.
  • I love the shellac. Thats what I plan to do
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  • I did the gels and loved them, but I normally wear gels anyway. They tend to stay on my nails for up to 2 weeks and still look nice.

    If you normally wear a natural nail and like how that looks, I'd go with that. You could even just put on a light, sheer polish to give them a little bit of shine and color, but so light that you can't notice if they were to chip.

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  • What kind of honeymoon will you have? For me, I'm going to Germany so I don't want fake nails. I could probably find a manicurist who speaks English, but if I have natual nails, it's one less potential problem. 
  • I'm not a huge fan of shellac.  But I think that's because when I did them, I was doing them regularly for about 2 months.  Once I took them off, my nails were really brittle and it took probably another 3 months for them to completely heal (basically the whole nail needed to regrow).  I don't think that had to do with shellac as a product, but just my nails not being exposed to the natural elements.
  • We're not going on a Honeymoon so I'm not worried about them lasting through a vacation.  I also used to do the gel manuicures regularly and didn't like how after a while my nails underneath became brittle and thin.  I think maybe I'll start getting regular manicures (just regular polish) to keep my nails shaped nicely and then for the wedding day I'll do the gel polish just so I don't have to worry about any nasty chips.  One gel polish manicure won't bother my nails. Thanks ladies!
  • Acrylics will jack your nails up as much as shellac, just fyi.
    I've had both, and it doesn't bother me, but yeah, you'll have brittle nails for awhile. For me, it was worth it.
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