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Makeup Brands?!

So obviously for my wedding I want to look my best and I normally use cheap makeup like covergirl, etc.
I got sucked into QVC the other night when they were talking about Smashbox.  It totally sold me.
But I've also heard good things about Clinique and Bare Minerals.
I have oily skin and am prone to acne.  Another super important thing to me is WATERPROOF or at least LONG LASTING.
Any suggestions?  Or favorites out of these three?  I'm a fan of dramatic makeup too - and the smokey eye.  Not so huge on a lot of color on the lips. 
There's just so much out there!  I need help! Smile

Kelly Jo

Re: Makeup Brands?!

  • starlite21lstarlite21l member
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    I have used bare minerals for years.  I have oily skin as well and often break out.  Especially around that time of the month.  I love that bare minerals is super light and doesn't feel like I am wearing a ton of makeup.  I also love to do the smoky eye or other dramatic looks.  I had done it for years in high school with other brands before trying with bare minerals.  Doing it with BM though is a million times easier.  The make up blends together SOOOO well.  They have 3 different kinds of eye shadow all differing in the amount of glitter or shimmer they have which is nice depending on if you are wearing it to work or  the club.  One secret I found out though is to use the eye primer.  I wasn't doing that for awhile and my eye-shadow was fading from the oil on my skin.  Once I added that on I was golden.

    I went in to a BM store in my mall and had them show me how the makeup works.  They do half of your face then you do half.  It is really easy and literally only takes a few minutes.  I would highly suggest at least going in and giving it a shot.  They have startup kits that include 2 foundations, bronzer a brush and some other things which are like $70?  They also have a rewards card so every so much you spend you get $10 off.  Now everytime I go to the mall I at least stop in the store to see whats new.

    As I reread this I sound like a BM saleswomen lol.  But I really just am a huge fan!   
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  • My future Sister-In-Law swears by it too, thank you!
    Kelly Jo
  • Check out the DIY makeup sticky.  I posted it so brides that did their own makeup (or plan to) can list the products they used or plan to.
  • stephthayerstephthayer member
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    I have been using bare minerals for years and its a great make-up.  My skin is very oily and acne prone as well and anything else I have tried makes me break out.  If you use bare minerals just make sure to use the primer before and the mineral veil after your foundation, if you dont then your makeup will look like its melting off in a couple hours.  As long as you use those two things your makeup will stay on nicely.  BM has good eyeliner and lipstick as well, but i dont care for their eyeshadows cause they are loose powder and are messy to put on.  Smashbox has great eye shadow thats easy to blend.  Clinique is good too but i like Smashbox products better.  and if you need a good dramatic mascara try the Dior Show mascara :)  Good luck! 
  • the only problem i have with bm is that without primer it doesnt stay on...but with primer it is an easy fix. Smashbox has amazing primer (use the photofinish one) but i am in love with one by Kores.

    so my suggestion would be to get a great primer so your look will stay the entire day.

    Not sure what you are looking for in terms of color but Laura Mercier makes great matte eyeshadow. A purple smokey eye is beatiful using LM colors. She also makes wonderful natural browns. Too faced makes awesome eye shadow pallets.

    I like cliniques lipsticks but i you arn't a lipstick gal stick with gloss or a light stain esspecially if you are doing a dramatic eye.

    Go play around in department stores, sephoras or ultas where you can try stuff out and pick apart the sales ladies brains.

    good luck
  • If you want something to last a long time, I suggest a makeup setting spray. I use one by Urban Decay that is good. It is a little pricey, but it is like shellac for your face without being sticky or hard. 
    If you want to find a good brand, I suggest going to Macys or Herbergers and visiting the counters. They will often give you samples or free demos. Then you can compare them and see which work best with your skin and how long each lasts. 
    For a great smokey eye, definitely use an eye primer. Urban Decay makes good ones, but I also like one by NYX (which is pretty easy on the budget). They will make your shadow last longer and look darker. 
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