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glasses with veil and/or false eyelashes?

I never see picture of brides wearing glasses! Should I try a veil? Will it look weird? What about false eyelashes? Any input would be great.

Re: glasses with veil and/or false eyelashes?

  • I have long eyelashes naturally, and for me, it makes it difficult to wear sunglasses when I have them curled & mascara in.  Adding in longer fake eyelashes may cause them to brush against the lenses.  I'd try it out before the day of the wedding to see how they feel.
  • i think you could do a veil and fake eyelashes...just try it on before to make sure it's what you want.
  • A friend of mine wore her large, plastic glasses. She had fake eyelashes and I don't think that they caused a single problem. I'd practice wearing a cheap pair with your glasses to see how it goes. I've worn falsies with sunglasses and they were fine.
    My friend had a little birdcage veil with the glasses, and that also looked great. 
  • Definitely try out the falsies with your glasses beforehand. As one of the PPs said, I have long eyelashes (people always think I'm wearing falsies, but they're just ridiculously long naturally haha) and a lot of times I'll get mascara on my glasses :\
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