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Are there any Greek brides out there that know some good reception music?  I am not Greek but marrying one and we're having a Greek wedding, with a non-Greek DJ.  They are asking me for CD's to play and I have put FI in charge of getting this taken care of, but he isn't too quick on getting this taken care of.  We do have time, but I thought I would reach out. Would anyone be willing to make me a CD or 2 of some popular Greek music, as well as the Bride's Dance song?  Or does anyone know where I can go to get this? Thanks!!!

Re: Greek Reception Music

  • Hello.. My name is Vicky- as you can tell by the name I am greek I am also marrying a Greek were having a huge greek wedding :) when it comes to music what type are you looking for? older stuff or newer stuff.... a good friend of mine is a dj he is great with american and greek stuff he djs in NY. ( if your looking for a dj with the best of both world hes your man if your interested) were going to have a greek band so during the dinner ill prob put in a cd that im going to have my friend create ( cause he knows what songs i love) if hes up for it i might have him dj for a little bit too... let me know what your interested in. email me.

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  • Vicky- I am in Northern DE. Does your DJ friend have any recommendations for a Greek/ American DJ in my area? TIA!!!!
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