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"how" to change my name at work

I am going to be changing my name in October, new email, business cards, etc.  Does anyone have tasteful suggestions as to how I can let my co-workers, clients, and constitutents aware, without sounding like I'm a crazy newlywed.
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Re: "how" to change my name at work

  • Just send an email explaining that your contact info is different due to a name change.No need to mention why your name changed.
  • mine is changing in october too.  I'm a lawyer so I just sent out a letter to judges, opposing counsels, clients for the primary purpose of saying I'll be gone for 3 weeks (pretty please don't schedule anything! ;) ) but also said please note my name will change upon my return so please be aware you may receive correspondence from 'old full name' or 'new full name'.
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