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Poll: Favorite tradition you're incorporating/have incorporated?

What's your favorite tradition or custom that you're going to incorporate or did incorporate into your wedding?

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Re: Poll: Favorite tradition you're incorporating/have incorporated?

  • We are incorporating a handfasting and broom jumping
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  • When I was in China, I partook in an awesome drinking tradition.  When you're drinking with a group of friends and someone yells "gambe!" (gam bay) everyone's supposed to finish their drink right then and there, no questions asked.  We're going to incorporate and encourage that at the reception.
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    I'm incorporating quite a few Finnish traditions into the wedding.  My favourite one by far is the "Bride steeling",  Basically during the reception, the groomsmen capture me and hold me for ransom.  My hubby must perform various tasks to get me back.  For example, he may have the toes of his socks cut off, he may have to create on-the-spot love poetry in my honour, or sing love songs to the whole reception.  Usually there's a cheezy sword fight involved, too.  It should be a hoot.  :D
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