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Rings..to fuse or not to fuse?

I am picking up my wedding band later this week and I am unsure If I am too fuse it to my engagement ring BEFORE and AFTER the wedding...one would think before...but then I would be walking down the isle with no ring..is that ok? We are leaving for CA right after our wedding so I wouldn't not be able to get to a jewler until after we are home...any suggestions would be GREAT. Thanks! Gina

Re: Rings..to fuse or not to fuse?

  • You should not fuse until after the wedding if at all . Fuse when you get back from honeymoon
  • My engagement ring is gold and I'm following the tradition of not wearing gold the day before the wedding, so I'm walking down the aisle without a ring.  I'm going to fuse my rings before the ceremony so it's easier for him to put on and I don't want to swim and loose one, which happened to my mother.  It's your choice in the end as to which works best.
  • i think i will leave them seperate until we get back from the honeymoon!! Thanks ladies!! gina
  • I am leaving mine separate. I want to wear them together for a bit before I decide to definately have them put together.
  • I didn't have mine fused at all, because I want the option of wearing just my wedding band when I lift weights (3 to 4 times a week), kayak, and scuba dive.  It just makes more sense for my lifestyle, but you'll need to decide that. 
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  • I always take mine off when I am headed t the gym as well :) I think I am going to leave them seperate for now and think about fusing them after the honeymoon!
  • I've never even met anyone who has fused their rings together. That seems strange to me.
  • Shelby (and if that's your full name, you really should change your on line ID--its dangerous.  There are brides here who've had their entire wedding cancelled by other mean people). I have a lot of women friends who've had theirs fused.  Several of them have e-rings that don't lie "flush" with a regular wedding band.  So, the band has a cut out where the diamond ring fits into.   ( I forget the term for that.) My band doesn't fit flush against my e-ring either, but I chose a regular band so I could wear it alone.
    image Don't mess with the old dogs; age and treachery will always overcome youth and skill! BS and brilliance only come with age and experience.
  • I drop mine off at the jewler the day before to get them soldered together, it will take 2 hrs and I'll pick it up the same day. 
  • I'm not fusing mine.I ride horses, so I want to be able to take off the e-ring when I ride to protect it (and stay comfortable in my gloves) yet still wear the wedding band.  Some of my friends have fuzed theirs, some have not.  All are happy with it.Just keep in mind though that while you can always fuze them later, you can't un-fuze as easily.
  • just a fair warning a lot of jewelry shops will convince you that you HAVE to fuse your rings together if you want to wear them on the same finger  - truth is you don't.  One lady at Zales told me that if I didn't have mine fused together that the rings would get chipped/dinged/destroyed - after I told her that was weird since the rings were my grandmothers who wore them every day for 60 years on the same finger and never had them fused together, she shut up pretty quickly.  If it fits your lifestyle to have them put together go for it, if you prefer them separate do that as well.
  • futuremrsdawes, good for you for saying something to the lady. I would've too! I think I have decieded to fuse them together, but I am going to wait until after the wedding. I do not want to walk down the isle and have nothing on my finger :) Thanks ladies for all of the responses!!! Only 16 more days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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