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no flower girls available...alternatives??

Neither my Fiance or I have any little girls in our families. I have two girl cousins on my side, but they're 13 and 15 so they're way too old to be the flower girls. I also have little boy cousins about 5, 7 and 10 but of course that wouldn't work either. What should I do?? I was thinking of going totally non-traditional by having my BMs each carry a little basket of flowers/petals and drop them on their way up the aisle. Also, if I did do that, would they get stomped and be all ugly by the time I got there?? Any suggestions are welcome!!

Re: no flower girls available...alternatives??

  • we don't have any little boys so we're using our dogs for ring bearers! lol!  do either of you have friends with young girls??  i think the flowers would get trampled by the time you walk down.  I'm having a flower girl but because she's so young (18 months) and probably won't grasp the throwing of the petals, I'm just having her hold a flower ball.  Just remember it's your wedding! you can do whatever you want!!!!!!
  • Have you double checked with your venue that you can throw petals?  There are a LOT nowadays that won't let you throw petals or have aisle runners.  If you haven't checked, you might want to.  It could save you this stress!
  • I don't think they are too old.  I'm having a 10yo as mine and a 12yo as my RB so.  Really it's up to you if you want them to walk down the aisle or not, I personally don't think there is an age limit.  You can have the boys walk down with a here comes the bride sign if you really want.  Having the BM if you aren't having a RB or FG will work since you'll be walking in right after them the petals won't get too messed up and would still look nice.
  • So my question is: why do you feel you NEED a FG and petals tossed? a FG and RB are not necesary.
  • Flower girls aren't a requirement.  Just skip it. 
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    Yeah, you don't HAVE to have a FG or RB. It may even nicer, as then you won't have to worry about a tantrum!But for the RB, I don't think 7 is too old, or even 10 for that matter.  My RB will be 7 by our wedding, and he'll be old enough to carry the real rings--the "purpose" of the ring bearer. If you want the girl cousins in the WP, have them be Jr. bridesmaids or just bridesmaids.  If you don't want that, then I wouldn't worry about it.
  • You don't have to have a flower girl, just skip it.  We didn't have any flowers laid on the floor before the processional and no one even noticed.
  • I'll be having a 4 yr old (FI's god daughter) for the FG, a 8 yr old (younger nephew) and 7yr old (FI's god son) for RBs, and them my oldest nephew 12 as a jr grooms man, and to attend Mia, the FG.They may be considered a little old for it but I want them all included. And I think it would be cute to have my nephew walk Mia, and then my other nephew and FI's godson walk together.
  • Just don't do flower girls at all. You can have someone put petals down the aisle before the ceremony begins (on the sides of the aisle so they don't get "stomped"), or just not have petals in the aisle at all.
  • I'm not having a flower girl either. I agree w/ nixing it. Or. You could have your last attendant before you carry a "here comes the bride" sign, if you're worried about an entrance.
  • Flower girls are not required for a wedding. I have been to about 30 weddings, I think about 6 of them had children in the wedding party. Have the adults as BM.
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  • Who says flower girls have to be in elementary school? My sister in law is so thrilled that at the age of 27 she gets to be a flower girl!
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