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Bachelorete Party for Pregnant Bride

I'm the MOH for my best friend and starting to think of Bachelorette party ideas but there's one problem. The bride is pregnant so all the typical party ideas are out the window. What are some ideas I could do?? She's also talked about possibly having a post wedding Bachelorette party but her Fiance and I don't really think that's appropriate. Any ideas??

Re: Bachelorete Party for Pregnant Bride

  • post wedding bachlorette is not appropriate. However there are lots of things you could do. How about spa day or paint your own pottery or cooking classes or a slumber party
  • my best friend isn't pregnant, but has already said she wants a spa day :)
  • We did a spa day for my MOH when she got married and she wasn't pregnant! Mocktails would be fun. You could also do a night away somewhere. Get a hotel room with all the girls and just have a fun, relaxing night out. You could also get tickets to a show or comedy club.

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  • Pool party, sushi class, pottery class, spa, really anything besides going bar hopping.  For the post-bach party, that would be inappropriate, but there's no reason you can't just go out and have "baby-free" night out with her.
  • Just a thought - we are having exotic pole dance lessons at mine. You can google it and there are instructors everywhere that come to your home and give the lessons. It sounds really fun to me :)
  • I am pregnant and getting married in 10 days...yay!!!  I insisted that I did not need a bachelorette party- but my friends insisted.  I thought it was going to be awful...standing in a club pregnant watching everyone get drunk.  It actually turned out great- we went to a dueling piano bar and it was really fun and entertaining.  My friends called ahead so they had my name posted behind the piano and reserved seating for our group down front.  It was so fun that I didn't even notice that I was the only sober one in the entire place :)   They also called me up on stage--it was really fun.  I would recommend it!!
  • I agree with the spa day! I am not pregnant, but I would love that! You could also do mocktails, like so many ladies suggested. They are fun and taste great! Pina coladas, strawberry daquiris... even margarita mix can all be made with just ice and no alcohol. A lot of adult novelty stores sell bachelorette party games that could be fun if you decide to stay in, or you could go to a themed bar, like a country bar, where alcohol is not the only entertainment. I am sure she will have a great time no matter what you decide!
  • My friend is getting married in a few weeks and she doesn't really like going out or drinking.  So we did a girls dinner then went back to our hotel and played games and talked.  It was a lot of fun, and we didn't have to drink.
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