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Old, New, Borrowed, Blue...

Do people still follow this tradition?  My mom is insisting on it (as well as wearing a garter even though I am not doing a garter toss...I think I will take it off as soon as she isn't looking) and so I have been brainstorming for months now on what I can use.If you did follow it did you have all 4 things "on" you when you got married?  What did you have?  This is what I was thinking...Old - I am wearing the earrings my FI got me for our first Christmas, almost 5 years ago.New - Everything else on me is new, take your pickBorrowed - we are borrowing my parents cake knife and toasting flutes.Blue - blue lingerie for the night of (or maybe the honeymoon depending how ambitious we are)

Re: Old, New, Borrowed, Blue...

  • I am. But I'm really traditional. Old--Late Grandmother's pearl necklaceNew--Dress...shoes...HairaccessoryBorrowed--Mom's pearl earrings, SIL's VeilBlue--Garter.And my mom kept her sixpence from her shoe when she got married, so I guess I'm borrowing that too. :p
  • I'm doing it. I've always loved the idea. I'm getting a WVU garter (fi and I are both fans) and we'll be doing the toss.Old- Grandmas pearl earringsNew-DressBorrowed- Probably one of my Moms ringsBlue- My garter will be blue and gold so there's my blue
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  • I know this is off topic, but kate, where did you get the WVU garter, if you don't mind? My FI and I (and families) are HUGE fans, to the point that our wedding colors are blue and gold (yellow, of course, WVU shade) I've looked for some, but haven't found any that I didn't think looked horribly cheesy.
  • I'm actually going to follow all these traditions. I have my great-grandmother's engagement ring (blue topaz) that's obviously old & blue, I'm borrowing a necklace and earrings from my SIL because she basically has enough jewelry to start her own store and my dress, shoes etc. are new. I'm also going to be wearing a garter but I definitely don't want to do a garter toss it's really just for my FI it's got his favorite teams logo on it and I have to admit it's kind of cute.
  • old- Veil is a family heirloom new- shoes borrowed- moms heirloom saphire earings blue same saphire earings 6 pence in shoe- same coin used by mil and gmil and ggmil  
  • I did it just for fun.Old- The bonnet from my christening gown I used as a hankie.New- The dress (and everything else)Borrowed- I borrowed my Nana's cross to attach to my bouquetBlue- Undies and my toenails

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  • I am.  My new will be my dress/shoes/veil.. My old will be my diamond earrings FI got me for x-mas.  My borrowed will be a necklace of my moms and my blue will be most likely, sapphire earrings, ring or necklace.  I have thought about doing one of my moms sapphire necklaces as borrowed, old and blue all in one. but not sure. 
  • I am going to do:Old/borrowed-my moms diamond earingsNew-DressBlue-maybe one of those hankerchiefs, I have a feeling I might need it during the ceremony...lol
  • Still in the sketchy planning stages, but...Old - My engagement ring. It belonged to my fiance's great-grandmother.New - Wedding dress, etc.Borrowed - My mother's wedding jewelry, if we can find it.Blue - I've chosen a wedding band set with sapphires and diamonds.
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  • I'm doing it.Old: Grandmother's rosary wrapped around my bouquetNew: Veil--my aunt made it for meBorrowed: Mom's garterBlue: Toss garter.
  • I'm still planning on doing that.  It's traditional and that seems to be the way our wedding is.Old - My grandmother's diamonds - we had them re-set into my engagement ring.New - My wedding dress.Borrowed - My cousin is letting me borrow her pearl and rhinestone necklace for the wedding.Blue - My garter.
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  • old- my engagement and right hand ring were my great grandmas new- dress borrowed- my grandmas garter  blue- KU garter will have blue on it
  • I'm like the least traditional person ever, but I'm considering following this one for fun. I love love love the idea of blue toenail polish and just might steal that one! We're getting married on a beach in the Dominican and that would be so perfect! Old - not sure yet - do the undies count?? :-P New - obviously, pretty much everything I have on Borrowed - no clue! maybe something my sister wore for her wedding?? Blue - now, the toes, but before I had planned on sewing a small blue bow to my garter I am doing the garter thing, but I doubt we'll do a toss. The garter is really for my fiance. It has a small four-leaf clover charm. We both have four-leaf clover tatoos that we had before we met each other. We joked the night we met that it was a sign we were meant for each other! Turns out we were right! :)   Is anybody doing the "penny in the shoe" thing? I'll be barefoot for my ceremony but I was curious how popular that one still is.www.weddingcountdown.com" rel="nofollow" />[img]http://img.weddingcountdown.com/ticker/6y26k45do1.png[/img]
  • I'm following the tradition as well.Old.. my grandmother's necklaceNew.. my dressBorrowed.. Mom's ringBlue.. MY SHOES!!
  • I am doing this also.Old- I have a set of diamond earrings my aunt gave me years ago.New-I'll be buying a new necklace that will match the dress and the tiara. Borrowed- My SIL's tiara (which, by chance, my dress matches PERFECTLY!)Blue- The Star Sapphire that was my Grandma's that I inherited when I was 10, that last year I put in a new setting. (I needed a new band because she was so little the ring was in a size 1! and I'm only a ring size 4!) and I think I'll do my shoes blue.

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