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I want to get a gift for my fiance and have my maid of honor deliver it to him while he's getting ready on the day of the wedding.  Any ideas?  I want it to be something special, but easy on the budget, too.Thanks!

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  • Unfortunately, i'm in the same boat as you. :( All the girls in my area do budoir pictures....not really something I'm into.
  • Same here. I dont want to do that kind of pic, and we had decided we werent exchanging gifts since we are on a tight budget and are paying for most of it ourselves.  I am going to def get him a nice card but not sure what else.
  • I'm doing the boudoir shots but those are pretty priceymaybe a nice watch - several of my friends have done that and gotten the back of it engraved for their husbands
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  • I like the picture idea, althoug im shy and therefore i would find a way to do it myself, and anything too provacative, not nude...  he likes feet, so i would do my toes  i dunno. Another idea could be a reminder of your first date.  For example we ate coconut shrimp on the i would maybe send some kind of coconut desert with a postcard of that beach... GL!
  • How about a bag with love tokens?  They are reasonably priced and he can use them again and again.  The one specific "love token" can be carried in his wallet as a reminder of your love.
  • I bought my fiance a nice quality watch for about $50.
  • My FI loves Aged Jamesons and loves these certain cigs that I have to get imported. It's weird, but if you knew us it would make perfect sense. He'll be getting a carton of his fav cigs, a bottle of the oldest Jamesons I can afford and probably an engraved lighter if i can swing it.
  • I'm getting Spence a Free State Brewery shirt (local brewery in Lawrence, DF grew up there and has mentioned several times he really wants one) and then maybe something else that is easy on the budget, maybe a new watch.
  • i struggled big time with this and decided on a valet case with his monogram and our wedding date and a pocket watch inside
  • How about a calendar with the photos of your vacations, holidays, etc? It doesn't have to be boudoir style but pics of you as a couple.
  • I have a suggestion! My fiance and I are on a super tight budget so I chose to do something really creative and unexpected but also something that he and I could boh share for a long time coming. I chose to do a scrapbook! This seems kind of overwhemling and challenging at first but I promise you it's not. I went to and found this amazing book on sale. It comes in 12"x12" or 8"x8" if you're on a time crunch. The cover says "Once Upon a Time" and the back of it says "Happily Ever After". **(they are currently having a 25% off sale on all scrapbooking supplies)** So then I took an afternoon and wrote a little fairytale about us and how we met. You can order paper and other products to match this theme or you can do like me and buy parchment paper and print all of your stuff at home. I just collected random little pictures of us and I'll be putting it all together soon. Even if he's a macho man he's sure to appreciate your effort and creativity. Also, it's something cute to share with the kids! All of my products to create it cost about $32.00, not including printing and such. Hope this helps!
  • This may take a little bit of time, but it's very cheap, easy, and special. Find an empty wine bottle (it could be one from a special night together). Go through magazines and newspapers and cut out words, phrases, and pictures that remind you of your fiance and your relationship. Use mod podge to stick the clippings to the wine bottle. So it's like a collage on a wine bottle. I got this idea from my parents. My dad made one for my mom right after they got married, and she reciprocated on an anniversary. My fiance and I have each made one for each other, and we saved the champagne bottled from the night we got engaged so we could do one together after we get married. I have a picture of them, but I'm not sure how to add it on here... give me a minute, and I'll figure it out :)
  • If you go to my photos in my profile, there's a picture in there.
  • My finace' loves cuff links and since we agreed that our gifts to each other would be fun gifts instead of sentimental I got him these adorable 'ball and chain' cuff links!  I just know he's going to start laughing when he opens them because it's just the kind of thing I would do.  Which is exactly why he loves me!  I did have something sentimental inscribed in his ring though.
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