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Red Plate Tradition

Does anyone have the poem that is supposed to go with the Red "You are Special Today" plate??? I lost my journal (thankfully before I used it) and the poem was in it.  I want to give one to my sister when she gets married and replace mine. I'm looking for the poem/story, not the one that talks about it being a tradition among early amderican families. TIA for you help.
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Re: Red Plate Tradition

  • I have never heard of this tradition, but it sounds interesting. I hope some answers.
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  • Is this it?:This plate shall have no ownerFor its journey never ends.It travels in the circle...Of our family and our friendsIt carries love from home to homeFor everyone to share.The food that's placed upon itIs filled with love and care.So please enjoy what's on this plate,Then fill it up again,And pass along the love it holds,To family and your friends.
  • I was able to find this...not really a poem but maybe it's what you're looking for?Red Letter DaysThis one setting of red dishes is intended for "Red Letter Days."Surprise one another by setting it for your new spouse when you prepare a special dinner for him.Let the birthday person use the red dishes to mark another year of good health and happiness.Set the red dishes for a guest of honor who comes to visit your home.Celebrate the completion of a big project or a promotion for your loved one.One day you may set these dishes for a child who brings home a great report card.However, and whenever you choose to use these red dishes, I pray God's blessing on you, your marriage, and your family
  • That's so awesome!
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