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Groom garter?

What do you guys think of the groom wearing a garter? Like after the groom throws the bride's garter, the bride lifting his pant leg and going after his? I thought maybe that would be a fun and unexpected twist to the whole garter tradition, or is that just really tacky and weird?

Re: Groom garter?

  • I've never heard of that before. That sounds like fun. I could so see DH being game for something like that. You know they do make groom arm bands, but I don't remember where I saw it. It came as a set with a bride garter.
  • Cute idea, I think I would go for the arm garter.  But should be fun either way. :-)
  • The first thing I thought of was Dang, that would be GREAT if he was wearing a kilt!  (I spent all weekend at Scottish Highland Games, can you tell?)
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  • Lol! I think it's great!
  • LOL! Even if he only wears it around his calf (sort of like those old sock-garters men used to wear before real elastic was around), it would add some serious laughs to the reception--as long as he's up to it!
  • FI and I love to have fun, and he would definitely be game for something like that! Thanks for the input!
  • I wasn't planning on doing the whole garter thing myself, but apparently we "have to" according to certain parents, so he offered to be the one to wear the garter at our wedding.  So I say go for it if that's what you want to do, I think that would be awesome!
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