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Irish wedding songs

So my fiance & I have a very close friend who plays the bagpipe - and we want to have him play after the ceremony... anyone know of a good song for him to play??

Re: Irish wedding songs

  • If it's the large pipes, they're Scottish, if it's the small pipes, or Ullian pipes (I might be spelling that wrong) they're a little less loud.  In most cases, OUTSIDE is better for the pipes.  The pipes can only play 9 tones, so you're VERY limited on what can be played.  Have you heard the friend play?  A lot of people will say they can play, but in reality, just getting the drones tuned is pretty complex, and you have to have a really good ear.  Many Scottish brides will have the Scottish National Anthem played "Scotland the Brave" but that is probably not appriopriate for you.  But every piper knows it.  And every piper will know Amazing Grace, but that seems like a funeral song to me.  Also, Flowers in the Field IS a funeral song, so skip that.  But again, every piper will know those.   And most can play the Star Wars theme, which is pretty funny, but it is only 9 tones.  :-) There are a couple of great tunes by the Scottish Bard, Robbie Burns, which are uplifting.  And there's alway Marie's (also known as Maire's or Mary's) Wedding, and that is a happy little tune.  Ask your piper what he can play, and ask him to play those songs FOR you before you decide. 
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