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How to walk down the aisle

I am unable to find anything about how to specifically 'walk' down the aisle. Isn't there a step tap method or something? Thanks, Hannah

Re: How to walk down the aisle

  • I will be walking normally, just at a slower pace.
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  • Put one foot in front of the other.  You're seriously overthinking this.  It's not rocket science.
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  • I'll be walking, regular walking one does in heels.
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  • I know what you're referring to, and I think that's a super old-fashioned/only in the movies thing. Just walk normal, a little slower than usual.
  • I know what you're referring to--it was a method used so the bride held everyone's attention, and so that her walk was slow, so the photographer and others could savor the vision of the bride, and she was not in a "run" down the aisle.  I remember reading somewhere years ago, it was also a method to convey her "hesitation" at marriage and all it conveys.  Whatever.What you do is step, then feet together, then step with the other foot.  Repeat until you get to your fi.  :-)  I've seen very few women actually do it this way, but if you have a habit or history of walking fast, it may slow you down a bit.
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  • I am just walking very slowly and carefully since my grandfather is walking me down the aisle i want to make perfectly sure i don't knock either of us down!
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