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Walking down the aisle

I am getting married in June and I don't know who to ask to walk me down the aisle. My father is not in the picture, my grandpa basically raised me but I just know that he would not be comfortable doing it, and me and my step father are close but I wouldn't feel comfortable having him give me away. My mom thought that it would be great if my younger brother(he's 12 and I'm 22) walked me down the aisle. Would this be okay or would it be weird?

Re: Walking down the aisle

  • I think it could be whoever you wanted it to be although I'm not sure if I would have a brother that young walk me down. You could also walk by yourself or walk with your mother.
  • I think you should walk with whoever you feel comfortable with and who you're close with. Every family is different so I don't think brides need to follow the tradition of always having the father walk them anymore. My parents have been divorced since I was 5 and I've mostly lived with my mom since then but I'm close with both so I'm having both of them walk me, and I don't care if anyone thinks it's weird. This should be based on how you feel about it, not anybody else. [url=] [img];10714;6/st/20091227/e/Our+Christmas+Wedding/k/0a7d/event.png[/img][/url]
  • It would be fine to have your brother walk you down the aisle, his age does not matter. But don't assume that your grandpa wouldn't want to do it. He might be very honored if you ask him. You could also ask your mom.
  • I don't think it would be weird for your brother to do it, I think it's sweet. I am in a similar situation, not close with my dad, so I am having my mom give me away. Have you considered that?
  • What do YOU want? I would not assume your grandfather is out, ask him. OR have your mom do it, or go it alone.
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  • I agree with Stage. I didn't think my Grandfather would want to do it but when I asked he just looked at me and said "you know you don't have to ask." I would think even if your Grandfather couldn't do it, or wouldn't feel comfortable walking you down the aisle. You asking I'm sure would still mean a lot to him. I think you should ask anyone who had a part in raising you that you feel is the right person like a father figure or your Mother
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