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Adult only reception wording

Hi All
What I thought would be clear cut isn't working out that way.  I thought on the reply card for the invites, we'd put something like...

M ____________________________
_____ persons attending adult reception

Please respond by XXXXX

I haven't done the invites yet, but just in the proof it looks 'rude' to me.  Have any of you come up with other types of wording?


Re: Adult only reception wording

  • Although the wedding has already taken place, I find all the information very useful.  Thanks for your post!  For those that are reading now, here's what we are doing to help with getting the word out:

    On our wedding website under guest information:

    Semi Formal 

    No Daycare provided.

    Please make prior arrangements for your children before boarding at 5 pm sharp.

    (our wedding is on a yacht)

    We are also sending out RSVP cards with  ____of 2 will attend, for the 2 that recieved the STD.  ___of 1 will attend, for the single person that recieved the STD.  Their names will be on the RSVP cards as well so there will be no "self-filling out of names" (prevents replacements).  

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