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Congolese wedding traditions?

Wondering if anyone out there is Congolese or marrying someone from there. The FI is originally from the Republic of Congo and I'd like to incorporate some of his cultures' traditions, but he's having trouble with the phones to call his mom and ask. Any suggestions are appreciated! Also, I have Googled multiple times!

Re: Congolese wedding traditions?

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    The DR Congo is a very large country with many different ethnicities represented.  I would be very wary of using any customs or traditions you find on the web unless you know they are significant to his family.  I understand that he is having trouble with the phones, but I would avoid just picking something.  If you do choose to pick something do make a point to check that the traditions fits with his ethnic background.

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    I may have confused the countries, the DR Congo and the Republic of the Congo are right next to each other.  However, my advice stands.  Make sure that the traditions fit his ethnicity, both countries have very diverse populations.
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