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who goes to the Bachelorette party??

My sis is planning a Bachelorette party for me. I don't care for them, but we are going pole dancing so it works for me! My question is, who should she invite? She seems to think she needs our wedding guest list (which we haven't finalized yet) but I told her she only needs that list for the Wedding Shower she is insisting on throwing. Isn't it ok to just have friends & cousins (who are invited to the wedding) attend the Bachelorette? I see it as just a night out to have fun. Thanks!
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Re: who goes to the Bachelorette party??

  • I would keep it mainly the girls in the bridal party and close female friends. I am assuming there is going to be alcohol. For my party I don't want to end up  having to take care of any of my friends that get out of contol. I thinking, 6-10 girls max.
  • Mine is bridal party only, plus one close friend who I would have liked to have as a bridesmaid, but her job doesn't allow her to commit to being able to attend the wedding.
  • I've invited most of my best girl friends and bridal party as well as my mom's, grandma's and aunts. But, the older crowd is only invited to dinner. They are leaving after that and my peer group are partying it up.
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