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Who is not changing her last name?

I don't want to change my name. I do not (unforunately) have a professional reason to keep my maiden name-I just like the name and have had it for 29 years. :-)

Re: Who is not changing her last name?

  • My last name is long, difficult to spell, and everyone pronounces it wrong (all reasons people give for changing). His last name is short, easy to spell, and everyone pronounces it correctly. Regardless of this, I will be keeping my last name. It is mine and I have no desire to change it.
  • I am happily changing my last name! I love my family and my current last name, but I really like the symbolism of sharing a last name and officially being united as one family.

    Also, the guy I am marrying last name starts with M and currently having a last name at the end of the alphabet, I always wanted to have a last name that started with an M so in school I didn't have to go last or first for everything!
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