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unveiling polish tradition

Is anyone doing the the unveiling polish tradition?

Re: unveiling polish tradition

  • I went to a wedding last summer and bride chose to have the polish unveiling. It was quite beautiful and being polish myself I would love/will probably have the unveiling.

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    Could someone explain this to me, please?  I'm part Polish and have never heard of it. 
  • It usually happens at the reception around midnight, and officially marks the first day of the bride’s life as a mature woman and wife. Everyone forms a circle around the bride, at the reception. Her mother takes the bride's veil off and places it on the head of the maid of honor who then waltzes with the best man for a few minutes. She then passes the veil to the next bridesmaid, etc. There is also tossing of the grooms bowtie instead of the garter.

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  • I will be including the Polish tradition of salt-bread-wine-coin to my ceremony. It's simple and so meaningful.
  • My fiancee is Polish (both his mother and father are from Poland), but he does not know any wedding tradtions. If you don't mind, what are some traditions (with descriptions) that we could include? What is the salt-bread-wine-coin tradition?

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  • The symbolism of the bread is hope that the couple will never go hungry, the salt that life will have its difficulties, and the wine is a blessing for health and happiness AND Silver Coin:  may you be wealthy with good health and never be in a financial stress. I am planning to have a little table set-up with all those goods placed there during the ceremony. The tradition calls for the parents to carry the items to the couple and hand it to them but my family will not be present. Hope this helps!
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