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First look vs MOB

My mother hates the idea of the first look for pictures. She is more traditional and is paying for most of the wedding. I like the idea of freeing up time and not making everyone wait for hours at the reception site but I kinda like the idea of my FI seeing me for the first time while walking down the isle. Any thoughts?

Re: First look vs MOB

  • Thanks everyone for the advice! I love the idea of doing bridesmaid and groomsman pics before the wedding and taking pictures of me and my FI afterwords. :)
  • In Response to Re: First look vs MOB:
    I wanted to go the old route, and have my FI see me at the end of the aisle for the first time.  It's just what I have always pictured.  I am actually going to do a First Look with my Dad; he use to get choked up when I was little and would play dress-up as a bride so I think his reaction will be a nice one to capture in photos.  
    Posted by janeneo
    I LOVE this idea. I am such a daddy's girl I really wanna do this!
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