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Friends Upset

My friend is extremely upset that she is not in our May wedding. It is to the point where she never calls or invites me out anymore. When I call her, she doesn't seem like she wants to talk to me, and gives me one-word answers. Even another friend of ours (who was my BFF growing up/  is a Bridesmaid) seems upset by this. Now, I feel like they are both talking behind my back and aren't inviting me out anymore..

What should I do??? Help!

Re: Friends Upset

  • totally agreed! I also went through this and its like well obviously we aren't that good of friends if you can't swallow your pride and be happy for me.  There are thousands of reasons why some people are chosen while others aren't.  It doesn't make you less of a friend, but its the way you react to it that does.  Seems like some girls just want to be in spotlight and can't be your friend just becuase they aren't in your wedding. Give me a break...cut your losses and focus on who is important and who will stand by you no matter what

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