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Hi there, I would really appreciate some advice, I am getting married in South Africa next year which is where I have been living for 4 years.My problem (or not really mine) is that my family which is mum, dad, brothers and sisters will be the only ones attending from my side. They have met my in laws and get on really however, my father is really really shy and after speaking to my mum I know that he is not comfortable about getting up in a room full of strangers and speaking. I am quite happy about this and understand completely.Any advice on how I can work out the order of speeches. I would like toget up and say a few words.Appreciate your feedback

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  • At my bffs' wedidngs over the summer, neither one of the FOB gave a speech.  At one wedding, it was the best man, and then a bridesmaid who gave speeches, and then the groom.  At the other, the best man, then the two MOHs gave speeches.  Usually the best man goes first, but obviously you can do it in any order you wish.If you want to say a few words, I would let your best man, MOH (and/or any of the parents who want to talk) do their thing, and then give your speech.
  • I wouldn't worry about this yet. These sort of things can (and should) be worked out the week of the wedding. Not months in advance. There's no law that says you can't give a toast. Your FI may want to say something. Your mom might. His parents might. The possibilities are endless.
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  • I've only been to one weddiing where the FOB did give a speech. It's not the norm in my circle. Our DD was married in July, and the only speeches were by the MOH and the BM.
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  • FOB speach is not necessary . Don't worry about it.
  • If your dad is shy and hates public speaking, please don't make him give a speech. Your mother or a sibling can give one if they volunteer, maybe as a "family representative." But like a PP said, don't make anyone give a toast for you. Asking someone to toast you is an oxymoron. And for what it's worth, I don't think I've ever attended a wedding where the bride's father gave a toast. It's almost always been the best man, and occasionally the maid of honor as well.
  • we're doing the same as stage manager.  i've seen it a lot.  don't worry, it will all work out!
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