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only two bridesmaids

hi all
Iis it ok to have just 2 bridesmaids? And if so do you even have to designate a maid (matron in my case) of honor? It wll just me by sister (married, mid 30s) and his sister (still in college) standing with me. I'm really not sure what their titles should be since you dont usually see only two :\ 

Can i just call them both bridesmaids? Matron and Maid of Honor??Undecided


Re: only two bridesmaids

  • They can both be BMs or you can have a matron and maid of honor.  Of you can have one be MOH and the other be BM.  Any way is fine. 
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  • mbcdefgmbcdefg
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    Why wouldn't it be O.K. to have only two? Who's forcing you to have more.

    I had two bridesmaids - my sister was my MOH and my friend was a bridesmaid. If they were both my sisters, or both were friends, I would've had co-Maids of Honor or just two Bridesmaids. I've seen co-MaidsOH quite a few times.

    Whatever you want to do is fine. I think your FSIL would understand if you made your sister the MatronOH, but if you want to call them both the same thing to avoid hurt feelings then that's totally fine.
  •   I am having 2 BM and a FG. My FI is having a best man and that is all.
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  • I'm not having any BMs or GM- it just worked out that way for us.  No one will judge you on the number of people in the wedding party.  They WILL judge you if there isn't enough food.
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  • That sounds fine!  Enjoy your day.
  • Yes, you can have only two.  That is likely what we will do as well, and FI only wants 1-2 GM as well.  Whatever you decide is just fine!
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  • Of course two - or any number - or even none, as PP's have said are just fine!

    I will have two - both of my sisters.

    Have a great day!
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  • thanks all!
    It's mostly my worry of my sister feeling odd being called 'matron'...might ask her and be done with it.... 
    Just started planning, it's amazing how easy small things like 'what to call bridemaids' are feaking me out :X 
  • mbcdefgmbcdefg
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    You can call her MaidOH if she doesn't like MatronOH. Or Honor Attendant. It really doesn't matter.

    You could also just list everyone in the program under "Wedding Party" and not create titles at all.
  • My BFF I've known for 13 years is my Matron of Honor. I was only going to have her and my sister in it, but then decided since I only have 1 sister-in-law to include her as well. She's more of a flower girl because she'll be walking by herself. My husband only has 2 guys. (We're doing a vow renewal).
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