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Bridesmaid who won't buy the dress

I'm new to this board, and I'd appreciate any advice regarding my bridesmaid.  I have a small bridal party (3).  My fiance decided to use his two sisters as his "honor attendants." 
I was originally going to let every bridesmaid/honor attendant chose their own dress, but for various reasons everyone was busy and not very interested in picking.  I ended up shopping with my MOH and we selected a reasonably priced dress from David's Bridal.  It is a very flattering dress for any body type and it was on sale.  My MOH, 2nd bridesmaid, and my fiance's sisters all ordered the dress within the past few weeks. 
However, my other bridesmaid has shown little interest in ordering her dress.  I know she is busy, but we are getting to the point where the dress needs to be ordered soon.  The dress was picked out over a month ago, so I don't think time is the issue.  Her boyfriend just recently bought a house and she moved in with him, so I know she has more expenses right now.  Although I want her to be a bridesmaid, I know it is expensive to be in a wedding and I understand if she cannot swing it financially.  I tried to tactfully tell her that if she feels she has too much on her plate, I understand and will not be upset if she feels unable to be a bridesmaid.  However, I emphasized that I value her friendship and want her and her boyfriend at the wedding no matter what.  She said she can still be a bridesmaid.
So, do I just wait a while longer and see if she orders the dress?  What do you do if your bridesmaid drags her feet about ordering a dress?  I wish I could buy it for her but I really can't afford to.  Advice would be appreciated! :)
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