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7 Bridesmaids...3 Groomsmen

I have a lot of girlfriends so that means a lot of bridesmaids (by a lot I mean 7). I originally wanted to have my two sisters be bridesmaids too l but now I'm thinking that's not such a great idea. My FI only has two good friends and a stepbrother that he is close to. So if I have 7 bridesmaids and he only has 3 groomsmen will that be weird? FI would rather me shorten the list and only have three maids...but that puts me in such an awkward position because I'm really close with all of my potential maids.
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Re: 7 Bridesmaids...3 Groomsmen

  • Your FI needs to get over the thought that sides MUST be perfect. Uneven sides are perfectly fine. Just pair up each groomsmen with two bridesmaids and the MOH walks alone. Voila!
  • Just to be clear, are you planning on having yor sisters in the wedding party for sure? Personally, I feel like family should always be included.  I've seen uneven sides a lot before.  You could always have the GM stand up at the altar before the ceremony and have the BM walk down by themselves.  
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  • The other ladies will touch on this, but you shouldn't askyour BP until about 6-9 months out.  You have another year to really think about it.  A lot (especially relationships) can change in a year, and there are plenty of stories on here where brides picked their BMs out really far in advance, asked them, and are now wanting to drop them for one reason or another.  That being said, I would wait until that timeframe (6-9 months) to really think seriously about it.   

    I'm running into the same problem as you except my FI has more guys than I have girls (like I have 2 asked so far...and he has 5 people he wants to ask).  I don't mind uneven sides, but I want to ask at least 2 more people (girls or guys included) to stand with me, so it isn't incredibly lopsided.  

    Does FI have any girls that he is close to?  Like a sister or a cousin, or a good friend.  His side doesn't have to be all guys.  What matters is who is your nearest and dearest standing beside you.  FI is asking one of our really close friends (who is a female) possibly stand with him as his "best man." (don't know what to call it) 

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  • Just to be clear, are you planning on having yor sisters in the wedding party for sure? Personally, I feel like family should always be included.
    Posted by sdeluna08
    I disagree, it really depends on the relationship.  While a lot of the time sisters can be very close sometimes relationships are very strained or even volatile.  A sweeping generalization like this isn't really fair.  Your bridesmaids are supposed to be your nearest and dearest and if that doesn't include a sibling, then they don't have to be in the bridal party.
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  • I agree, you shouldn't ask people to be in your wedding just so that you have even sides. That being said, you shouldn't NOT ask people to be in your wedding just to have even sides. If you want your sisters in your wedding, then make them a part of your wedding. It's not going to look bad, and your guests aren't going to whisper behind your back about the BM to GM ratio.
  • It's okay to be uneven. And unless you want family drama for decades, I'd ask your sisters.
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