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Glatt Kosher v. Kosher Style

It is not my, nor my fiancee's practice to keep kosher. I had planned to have kosher style catering at our wedding since that better reflects our beliefs, practices, and sensibilities. However, my fiancee really has his heart set on getting married at his grandfather's orthodox synagogue. At our meeting with the rabbi, he told us that our reception must be kosher. What to do? My first venue choice can't accommodate glatt kosher, so I have to find a new space. Glatt kosher is a huge additional expense (~50% increase over kosher style). And I don't have the option of saving money by cutting my guest list. Going to another synagogue isn't an option. What to do????

Re: Glatt Kosher v. Kosher Style

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    i'm not sure what you mean by "kosher-style..."  i think the food either is kosher or it isn't (although glatt kosher food would have undergone the extra step of having the lungs of the animals checked).  sometimes when people say kosher-style they mean food you might get at a kosher deli, like knishes or rye bread, but the food wouldn't be kosher?  or maybe that you'd follow some of the rules (like no mixing milk and meat and no pork or shellfish) but not necessarily have the meal certified kosher?

    in any case, one solution is to serve a vegetarian or vegan meal.  that's what we're doing (although we're mainly doing it because we are vegetarians, but it's handy b/c it takes care of the kosher requirements, too).  i bet it will be much less expensive.  our caterer is working with us to create really delicious, hearty vegetarian plates (not just the steamed veggies people are expecting!).

    plus, as an added bonus, the cake doesn't have to be parve!  
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    I don't think you really have a lot of choices -- either don't have the ceremony at the orthodox synagogue or you're going to have to find the money for the kosher reception.

    Have you discussed with the rabbi all the other constraints that are going to be at your wedding as well? Personally, there's no way I would ever agree to be married in an orthodox synagogue, but that's for you and your FH to decide.
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    Firstly, in response to Peggy's response, a vegetarian meal would not necessarily be Kosher, as cheese has to be heckshered as well.  A vegetarian meal with heckshered cheese should be okay, as would vegan food, but vegetarian restaurants and caterers are not automatically considered kosher.  My sil keeps very strictly kosher and she will not eat cheese that is not heckshered.

    The difference between kosher style and kosher or glatt kosher as I understand it is that there isn't anything kosher about kosher style except for the fact that there will most likely not be pork, shelfish or the mixing of diary and meat on one plate.  The ingredients are not certified kosher and Jews who keep the laws of kashrut will NOT be okay with kosher style.

    If you're going to be married at the Orthodox shul it seems that you will have to have a glatt kosher reception per the Rabbi's rules.  It is definitely more expensive and narrows down your location greatly (I had a glatt kosher reception because my DH's family are more observant than my side,  so I know that this can be a little upsetting at first, I really can relate very much).

    If I were you I would call up the glatt kosher caterer(s) in your area and ask them what venues they most cater at.  Then I would call and go visit any of those locations that might interest you.  Another option is to have the reception at the Shul if it accomodates what you're looking for.

    Good luck.
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    I just noticed you're in NY.  If you want a recommendation, I used Main Event caterers, they're located in Jersey but they do tons of events all over the tri state area.  201-894-8710
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    Ditto Rachel.  "Kosher style" is a fiction, it doesn't exist but it's folks way of saying, no seafood, pork, etc.  It is unacceptable for anyone who keeps kosher and there is not way you can have that under the facts as explained.

    There are many caterers and really, sometimes they aren't as expensive.  I shopped around and after some reviews (thanks Rachel) and meetings, I decided to go with Main Events and the price was quite fair, even lower than some non-kosher places.  And I went to a quite a few places and at least a few of my kosher catering options came in a lot lower than regular caterers.  If Main Events is too much for you, also try Esprit Events - she'll work within your budget and will even be onsight to help with DOC functions (she was my second choice).

    If you decide to have a dairy event, that'll be even less so if cost is an issue, that's something to think about.  GL.

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    We actually did "kosher style" -- all dairy, pareve and vegetarian  -- no meat, no chicken.

    No one had a problem with it and it allowed us to have WAY more fun with the desserts.

    Althought at an orthodox shul, you might be SOL.

    Go Dairy
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    Did the rabbi know the reception will not be at the synagogue?
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    another glatt kosher caterer is Eddie Levy....he's in NJ, but will travel to NY

    and I believe Exquisite Caterers in Marlboro, NJ is glatt and will do the same
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