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Saturday ceremony before sundown

Has anybody had any luck finding a Rabbi who will marry you before sundown on a Saturday?

I've booked a Sunday date because I was worried about finding a Rabbi who would marry us before sundown, but of course Sunday evening has its own problems.
So just curious. I'm in the DC area if that helps.


Re: Saturday ceremony before sundown

  • Danaz1Danaz1
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    I have been to wedding before sundown on a saturday and they were all done by a reform rabbi.
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    Your best bet will be contacting Reform rabbis; I know of few who will do a wedding on Shabbat because you cannot enter into a contract (sign the ketubah and other matters) during Shabbat.  GL.
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    Thanks! Keep me posted if you come across any specific names of reform Rabbis in the DC area.
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    Our rabbi is doing this. 

    His name is Rabbi Aryeh Alpern, and while he lives in NY, he travels (a lot!)

    his email is:

    if you contact him, please let him know that lynnie referred you. 

    good luck!
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  • abbaroodleabbaroodle
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    When is your wedding?  My brother got married on Saturday night in January which meant the wedding couldnt start until 6 or so.  Of course the summer is much harder!!!
  • 4myharibo4myharibo
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    I attended a wedding held in a hotel ballroom and they closed all of the blinds and lit the room with candles.  It was in the summer on a Saturday night and it was a traditional ceremony with a Conservative Rabbi !
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