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I've already posted this on my local board, but I think my AA sisters could help me out, too!!!

So... I've been looking for a venue (ceremony and reception in one) for some time now. I've found several places that I love love love; However, they are more than I would like to pay, or at least at this point in my life. 

Background: I'm looking for a place that is pretty much all inclusive. I don't want to rent linens or get a caterer. I want them to have just about everything. I'm wiling to do centerpieces and maybe linens. AND I want a place that is very unique. Like The Gallery (who is booked on our chosen date.) We also loved Brady's Landing and it was in our price range, but they might be booked on our chosen date by now.

At this point, I'm willing to do the ceremony at my church and have the reception somewhere near. (Went to The Bell Tower on 34th yesterday. Loved it, but they were over $10k.) But I just don't know!

Now, I'm thinking about the Humble Civic Center and I'll just have to rent linens, do all the decor, and find a caterer, but that's really not my dream!

So... should we just push back the date until we can afford what I really want or should I just chill out and leave it alone and go back to Brady's Landing and see if our date is still open? We plan on already being married before we have the big ceremony and reception, so should the date for the big event really matter?

UGH! Sorry so much. Just had to get it off my chest before I present it to Babe. All suggestions are welcomed. I would like for the venue to be under $7k for 150-200 people. (Date and guest list is flexible)

Thanx Ladies!!!

Re: Venting/Questions.

  • desi2002desi2002 member
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    I think you should talk to FI and if you decide to pick a date less popular then you can have the venue that you want.
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    I agree with Desi. Since you are already married, and because budget is an issue, pick a different date (even Friday or Sunday and also look at off-season)
    Not only you will have the place you want, but you may get it a lot cheaper or get freebies thrown in for non-popular dates. Just a thing to think about. Good luck!
  • tyboydtyboyd member
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    Thanks ladies. Your input is a lot better than on the local board!
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    Girl what did those Houston Knotties say to u? LOL. I agree with PP if you plan on being married before the actually Big Event then change your date up.  Ok how do u feel about Pasedena?  They have a ballroom off of Spencer. IDK how much it is but I looked at the one they owned in LaPorte and it really wasnt that bad. My friend is getting married at a place by Hobby Airport. Its called Ninos. She likes it. I've never seen it myself. I know that they have a website. So google it.

    I hope these places arent to far South for you.

  • tyboydtyboyd member
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    Thanks Kristi. They were saying that my budget was too low for that many ppl. And I'm like no crap?! And really it's not because at Brady's Landing for the ceremony and reception for 200 it was like $5-$6k, all inclusive. But that's why I asked should I push the date back until I can afford what I want. But Pasadena is cool, Babe is closer to that side. I live in Spring. But I have an appt at Shirley Acres today. So, we'll see.
  • tamtam7tamtam7 member
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    I agree with the previous posts.  Sometimes if you pick an off day they may offer you a great discount.  One thing you may consider if you do decide to go with your original wedding date and you are  looking for unique venues is contacting your chamber of commerce.  That's how I found my venue and it is all inclusive.  If you have any civic organizations i.e. Woman's Clubs and leagues, they may rent out their facility for weddings and since they use linens for their events and they just already have them, there usually is no charge to use them.  My venue is where the local woman's club for my city hosts events and they have a caterer on site and provide linens, tables, and chairs. 
  • tyboydtyboyd member
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