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Little details

I feel like I am going nuts...I have all the big checks out of the way and as we get closer, I feel like I'm forgetting a ton of things!!

I know there have been numerous posts about this but figured I'd get an idea from you ladies as we get closer to JULY! I can't believe tomorrow is June...where has the time gone?!

So....what are some details that you'll be working on in the next month or two? Anything that you almost forgot?
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Re: Little details

  • My "details" that I'm most worried about are working out the ceremony with our pastor, the flowers, and the programs.

    I can't do the programs until we've worked out the ceremony, and our (new) pastor at church who is doing our ceremony is BUSY - moving, taking over, etc.  We have discussed the ceremony, just not finalized anything...music included.

    But flowers is the one that really worries me.  #1 - I'm afraid of the price.  #2 - we've asked a close friend who is an artist and who does a lot of flower arranging to do them for us.  I know she'll come up with something amazing...but we haven't met to discuss it yet.  (Our wedding is at the end of July, so I'm not too worried about this....yet.)

    No stress yet though.  58 days is still a lot of time!
  • Right now I am trying to find beach towels to put in my BM gift bags. Who knew that finding a towel for someone would be so much work.
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  • In Response to Re: Little details:
    Right now I am trying to find beach towels to put in my BM gift bags. Who knew that finding a towel for someone would be so much work.
    Posted by cmhutchison22
    You should ask Colleen on this board. She's doing the same thing for her BMs and had another thread about her BM gifts today -- I bet she'd tell you where she got them. :)

    There are so many details that I can't even think about it right now.
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  • The guest tables are already stressing me out.  There are a couple family feuds that I can't sit people together and are causing all these tables of 6-8 people :( our tables are 10-12.  I hope I get a few more no's so I can combine a couple tables but I still am going to have issues.

  • The little details I can think of that I still need to do are: table numbers/names, guest book, if I'm doing a ceremony program, how many tables I'll need for gifts/guest book/card box, order of sequence for reception, finding jewelry for me, getting sand for our sand ceremony, make sure groomsmen have been fitted for their suits,
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  • Wedding Favors
    Ribbons for the centerpieces and Bouquets
    Guest Book
    Wedding Arch decorations assembly
    Wrapping wine bottles and water bottles with custom made labels assembly
    Candies and vases assembly
    Printing programs
    Guest table numbers assembly
    Seating Chart
    Details of the ceremony-when people walk how spaced they walk in the song
    Last meeting with DJ
    Meeting with wedding planner
    Assembly of flower bouquets and centerpieces

    pregnancy calendar
  • The big things for me right now are seating arrangements, so I can start on escort cards. Then it will OOT guest bags and programs. We also have not finalized our ceremony so we can't do the programs. I designed them already, though, so it will just be a matter of filling in the details and then printing/assembling.

    Ugh, I hate that so much of this has to wait until the last few weeks.
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