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To Gobo or not?

Should I have gobo lighting with me and fi's name with our date on it?  Its $150, which I hear is a decent price... but at the same time, its $150 I could save.  But again, whats another $150 when you're already spending $$$.

If I had gobo, it'd be projected on the dance floor.  Would the effect of having it just go away after people start dancing on the dance floor?

Re: To Gobo or not?

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    Our vendor is also pricing it at $150 and although I haven't decided if I want to do it yet, we'd also put it on the dancefloor.

    I've never seen it used before so I think it will be "unique" for our own friends and family. But like you said, not sure if I'm just getting out of control with spending and wedding planning! Because $150 could be saved....

    I'm not much help but am glad I'm not the only one dealing with these decisions!! LOL
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    My friend had her and her H's names on the dance floor.  It wasn't really noticeable during the wedding, because it was on the floor and then people started dancing, but it did look really nice in the photos.  It's no really my style (I didn't even think of it for my own wedding), but I thought it showed up well in her photos.
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    I really like gobos and I think they look great in photos and 150 seems quite reasonable.
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    I LOVE Gobos.. I think it depends on what the rest of your decor looks like.  We have been to some weddings where the Gobos stand out and look great and other which I had no idea they were even there until the pictures came out.  We decided not to Gobo since we were on a tight budget.  
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