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Bridal shower planning

I know traditionally it is the bridemaids or relatives/friends who plan and throw the bridal shower. Would it be bad to plan your own? I have a specific idea of what I want and where I want it. Do I just tell my bridal party or can I get involved in the process too?

Re: Bridal shower planning

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    You really shouldn't plan your own bridal shower. It comes across as gift grabby and in poor taste.

    Do you have a bridal party? They may already have something planned or their own thoughts on how to celebrate you. I'd leave it up to them.
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    It is considered gift-grabby to plan your own.  Has your wedding party brought it up?  They may have something they are working on.  If they ask what you want, you can let them know, but remember they decide what they will do.  My sister told exactly what she wanted and it was awkward because we couldn't really do what she wanted and then we felt bad.  So just keep in mind that you don't know their budgets, etc. and go with whatever they do plan for you.
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    Thanks guys! I think I'll just save my ideas for my Mehndi!
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