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doctor who themed wedding

i have some ideas but am looking for more
i sort of want them to be very small things that would make non fans curious but a fan would notice instantly

so far ive thought of
walking into the reception through an open backed TARDIS
napking that say wedding of the doctor and river song
TARDIS rose and eccleston cake topper
TARDIS looking geust book (think the book amy is given by river at her wedding)
bridal party all wearing red converses
all men have the same tux as the doctors in season five
fi and i dancing the charleston at the reception (doctor dances)
and a doctor who music video type thing to show pictures of me and chris throughout the years

any other thoughts? also thinking of adding a few fairy tale things but may drop that...
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Re: doctor who themed wedding

  • We're having a Doctor Who themed wedding too, for our invites, we are thinking of using invisible ink (think the Doctor's psychic paper), he's going to dress like David Tennant, wedding party is going to wear converse. These are just a few ideas we have had so far! 
  • Love the ideas.  I am adding soft touches of Dr. Who!  to our math/science theme wedding. Can anyone share a tune (or two) that is soft and romatic for the bridesmaids and groomsmen processional to walk down the aisle to?

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