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Courthouse Wedding?

I'm not sure if this would be considered "offbeat", but in a day and age where people are spending $20,000 on their wedding, courthouse weddings are getting more and more "out there."

My fiance and I just got engaged and we're young (19 and 20), but not naive. Neither of us are interested in a big "traditional" wedding and we want to spend as little money as possible, so the idea of a courthouse wedding is getting more and more appealing.

We won't be getting married for at least another year and a half to two years so there's no rush for this information, but I was wondering if anyone here has been to a courthouse ceremony or knows someone who has had one? I'm asking because I know the idea seems icky or unromantic or unappealing to many people, but I'm only interested in actual experiences people have had with this system. What I've been reading in blogs I found on google have ranged from "I wouldn't change a thing." to "Never, EVER do this!"

So, what were your honest reactions?

Re: Courthouse Wedding?

  • I think we are going to have a courthouse wedding too. We have a 6 year old daughter and another due Feb 2nd so less than a month now. My Mom has been fighting cancer for over a year now and it has come back. She has decided she is dont with treatments. I want my Mom at my wedding so I've been pushing my boyfriend to get married. He is now going to get a ring soon and I've already been planning. Because we will get married in a short time like April we wont have alot of money to spend. So we are going to get married at the courthouse and have a small reception of like 60 people at a restaurant after. Not my dream wedding but in the end it will all be the same. I'm going to get a photogapher so I have pictures. If you love eachother enough it doesnt matter where you get married. Just make sure you enjoy it!
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