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November 2012 Weddings

April November Siggy

Hey girls, we do a monthly siggy (like my pic below) on my So Flo board...would you be interested in doing one on here? I know most of us dont have very many wedding things done but we could do things like you and your fi (early years, engagement moment/night), you and your mom/dad, any ideas? Let me know if you are interested, and give me some ideas. Ill put it in a poll and we can vote. :)

Re: April November Siggy

  • Sounds good
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  • Works for me! What if we did dream dress for April? Like if money didn't matter what dress would we all be getting. I know I have a few ;)
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  • engagement ring photos would be great since it is something we all have
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  • Alright, I will work something up...anyone else have some ideas?
  • I'm a newbie... Can someone explain what a Siggy is?? Laughing
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  • Hi Canella! Welcome to the November 2012 board and congrats on your engagement.
    The Siggy (or Signature) is a monthly Challenge for us girls. Basically we decide what we would like to show (usually a picture) in our signature for that month. So, this month we decided to show our E-Rings since most of us girls havent done much planning. Someone will usually post a poll where you can cast your vote on what you would like. You then go to your Avatar/Signature and add it there so all of us can see! Let me know if you need some help adding it to your Signature. You will first have to add the picture to photobucket, and then take the code that starts with "a herf" and put it in your Siggy.
    Cant wait to see!!! GL

  • Oh!! LOL I will work on the siggy tonight when I have a little more time. Thanks for explaining. I love the idea!
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  • Cant wait to see it!
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